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God-made simple

Technology, Polarization of value systems, Unipolar world, decline of organized religion, Compassion.

The advent of modern technology has led to global polarization of the value system. Never in the history of mankind have human value systems been so unipolar as it is at present. The divide between the western value system that was perceived to be more materialistic and the Eastern value system that was seen to be more spiritual has blurred considerably.

Receding from memory are events like Crusades, the horrors of the holocaust, decimation of indigenous people for expansion of territory to enable nations becoming empires, slavery and fascism. From the days of the Sumerian civilization –almost 5500 years back- to the present days individuals have blossomed periodically as god incarnate or his chosen one to redeem the world from the clutches of evil. Even while these individuals became the icons of their followers and established the present organized religions and cults and preached high morals for living on this earth, interpretation of their preaching was deliberately made foul by so called ordained priests who spared no effort to bring disharmony amongst non followers of their beliefs. Having tasted the trappings of opulence these high priests have distorted the preaching of their great masters to ensure their ilk lead lives soaked in luxury.

The poignant observation of a Red Indian Chief that “We did not think we owned land” and “It is like owning your Grandmother. You can’t own your grand mother” even while being the unchallenged occupier of almost an entire continent, reflects humility and the willingness to share amongst his brethren his belongings. This is the thought process of a person who is not conditioned by an organized religion and this concept is what is “Globalization” all about- A universal world with a common world order.

Technological advancement in various fields has only polarized the thought process of individuals due to the abundance of information available for reasoning. This has led to the greatest social change ever, elimination of ‘Fear’ in the minds of people. Presently any action by a nation or an Individual that is viewed as ‘Insensitive’, ‘Heinous’, ‘Blatantly Wrong’ or ‘Infringing Human Rights’ is instantly condemned by numerous individuals and by Nations cutting across Race and alignments unequivocally is a sure sign that common universal values of governance is emerging.

The polarization process has a toll on religious following also, even though every individual in the world falls within the ambit of belonging to a religious order, it is widely believed that only about 20% of the population of the world sincerely follow a world religion. The majority of the 80% even while professing faith in a formal religion are not die-hard protagonists of their faith. This is due to the fact that access to knowledge has enhanced their reasoning and they do not altogether rely on the interpretations given by zealots who feel they have the divine right to manipulate the conscience of the members of their faith. It is this emerging trend in society that is forcing a few individuals fearing loss of their religious and cultural identity and their hold on masses they manipulated in becoming Radicals, Fundamentalists and Terrorists.

A unipolar world is slowly but surely seeing the line between Cultures and Societies fading and a new Global society and Culture emerging. This emerging society will rely on a common value system for survival. The paramount value of this system will be “Compassion”. The emotions of feeling the suffering of any individual or group in any part of the world and the reaching out to alleviate their suffering will become the cornerstone of this global religion. ‘Connectivity’ will be the place of worship for this religion. Experiences shared while evolving, timely help to needy individuals or nations and being sensitive to cultural beliefs will be the prayer and penance of this religion.

The new world order will give a simple meaning to God and Worship-“Compassion”-
The dogmas and abstractness of established religions attributable to the interpretations by fanatical zealots of these religions will give way to a world religion based on an emotion we can comprehend-Compassion.
Published: 2006-04-24
Author: Balu

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I am a qualified Electronics Engineer and a freelance writer.I write articles and books spanning Technology, Management and Sociology.

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