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Going on a cruise holiday?

cruise holidays

Scared to death

When one of my friends suggested that we take advantage of the holiday cruise deals that Royal Caribbean cruises was having, I was more than a little hesitant. There was, after all, a good reason why I had never gone on any cruise holidays before: I was scared to death. Although I knew a few people who had had a lot of fun on cruises holidays, I was just not up to it. I was worried that I would get seasick, that the boat would sink, that it would be one of those cruise ships where everyone breaks out with some strange disease, and even that we would be attacked by hijackers. Although I knew that, statistically, cruise holidays are a very safe way to travel, it was not enough to put me at ease.

Nothing more pleasant

To this day, I do not know how my friend convinced me to go on a cruise holiday with him, but I am glad that he did. I had an incredible time! Intellectually, I knew that a holiday cruise would be a lot of fun. I love swimming, good food, warm sun, and luxury, all of which are to be had in abundance aboard your average cruise ship. The first few days were rough, of course. When the ship first started moving, I was so scared that my friend said I turned white! Once I got my sea legs, however, I was having the time of my life in no time. To this day, I have never had such a pleasant trip!

Plenty of things to do

The thing that I like so much about cruise holidays is that they really give you a luxurious way to enjoy the ocean. On cruise holidays, you can spend all day looking at the waves if you want to, but there is a lot more to do. A lot of cruise ships have gambling casinos, most of them have live entertainment, and almost all of them have a lot of great food to eat. There are fully stocked buffet tables all day and night, and all the booze you could want. Best of all, we got to make little stops at several different islands along the way, enjoying the sights and getting to really get a feel for the local culture. All in all, I have never had a better trip than that Caribbean cruise! I would do it again in a heart beat!
Published: 2007-09-19
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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