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Golf Dust - The Ultimate Golf Training Aid?

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There are numerous supposedly useful tips for improving your game of golf. Some golf "experts" will tell you that it's all in stance while others will tell you that the grip is the most important aspect of your golf technique. The truth is that, if your game is below par (forgive the pun), then it could be any one of these that's the problem. You might have the perfect grip but a poor swing, whereas your golf partner has a perfect swing but a poor grip. In this situation, you could make a big mistake by agreeing that you both need to work on your grip. You might be messing with a part of your golf technique that really didn't need changing.

Obviously, the key is testing. Like any form of experimentation, you need to be able to accurately analyse the results. Just using the distance the ball travels or the direction it goes in is not going to provide you with the kind of accurate analysis that you need. The key piece of information that you need to know is what part of the clubface is actually making contact with the ball. If the ball is connecting with the sweet spot of the clubface every time then you know that you're on the right track.

How can you check this though? I'm sure you've probably seen professionally produced instructional golf films that use high-speed camera technology to capture the exact moment that the club strikes the ball in high definition detail. However, when you're out on the course or the driving range, you probably don't have access to such technology. So, what can you do? How can you check what part of the clubface is making contact with the ball?

Well, a new product called Golf Dust is vying for the title of "ultimate golf training aid" by telling you just that. Golf Dust comes in a can and you spray it directly to the face of your club. When you strike the ball, it leaves a clear impression in the dust on the clubface. By examining this impression, you get a clear indication of where the ball made contact with the clubface. You can instantly see what affect any adjustments to your stance, grip or swing are having on the most critical part of your game; the actual point of contact between club and ball.

The good thing about Golf Dust is that you can use one application for several shots. This is great when making minor adjustments to your technique as you can actually monitor whether these adjustments are changing your game for better or for worse. If, for example, your new supposedly "perfect grip" is actually making the point of contact move even further off the sweet-spot on the clubface then you know that you're messing with the wrong part of your technique and could be causing more harm than good to your game.

The other good thing about Golf Dust is that it easily wipes off your club when you're done. You won't have to spend ages trying to clean sticky glue off the clubface after each practice session.

So, if you really want to get maximum results from your practice sessions or really see what benefit those "expert" tips are giving you, it's really worth keeping a can of Golf Dust in your bag. You might just find that it really is "the ultimate golf training aid"!

Jason Webb (AG)

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Published: 2006-05-18
Author: Jason Webb

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I'm a 34 year old creative writer based in Southampton, UK.

I apply my creative talents to many areas such as music, movies and writing through my company Music Genius Publishing.

I have one complete screenplay Crystal Buddha which I'm currently trying to sell.

I am currently writing two books, one on World peace and one on the history of video gaming.

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