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Graphology is the art of study of handwriting ,it's connection with one's mentality & behaviour.this is done by analysing characters,spacings,slants,loops,ending strokes etc.
Difference between Graphologists & Forensics

Some graphologists are known as forensics. Forensics consider loops, dotted "i's" and crossed "t's," letter spacing, slants, heights, ending strokes, etc. They examine handwriting to detect authenticity or forgery.
But graphologists also consider these characters but they also beleive that such handwriting minutiae are physical manifestations of unconscious mental functions. Graphologists believe such details can reveal as much about a person as astrology , palm reading, psychometry, rumpology, or the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator.

Some of the prominent features that you come across while analysing somone's handwriting are as follows:-
Handwriting can be divided into three zones:upper(letters like l,t,h etc.),middle(like m,n,s etc.) & lower(g,y etc.) zones.If the upper loops of the upper zone is high ,it denotes imagination,spiritual intertests & intuitive thinking.Dwarfed upper & lower zone with enlarged middle zones hint that the writer is worried about his social relationship and feels insecure.An enlarged lower zone reveals love for material comforts.Equal distribution of letter size in all three zones suggests a well-integrated person.
The slanting direction of the letters are also quite important.If the slant is vertical it symbolises a person who lives in present ,is independant ,reserved & confident.People with a rightward slant of letters tend to move ahead,are active,extroverts & sympathetic.Left-ward slanting suggests a person , who is shy,introvert,leans towards the past,is cautious about the future & reserved.A three way slant in same script may indicate a person witjh a split personality.
If the words are evenly spaced, it means the person is interested in literature or philosophy.If the words spaced too close to one another ,it implies the author does not care for privacy &enjoys company.Big gaps between words represents a person who likes to stay aloof.
Letter size can be of big,small,round or narrow.Large letters induicate initiative,energyu,will-power & determinbation in the writer.Small letters suggest a realistic ,non-materialistic , confident & intellectual person.People with round forms of writing are tolerant ,friendly & yielding while those with a narrow hand-writing are reserved ,controlled & prefer to stay aloof.
The tempo of one's writing tells about the person's temrarament, while rhythm shows their integration.A person with a slow tempo is slow, cotinuous in acyion & shy,while people with a fast tempo are quick to act ,adapt easily &are usually sucessful in competitive surroundings.Those who write with afixed rhythm have connected thoughts and are good thinkers , while those with a disordered rhythm have breaks in thoughts.
This feature is perhaps noticed first & can indicate much about the person.People writing with a continuous hand are logical, sensible, clever & have a steady flow of thoughts , while those with a discontinuoius form get sudden bursts of idea & they put them into action (many inventorzs have this kind of handwriting) .They are also perfectionists.
Our signature is a mark of our personality.It is our identity.Again,it also gibve sus an idea about the nature of the person.
A simple signature without inflated capitals ,flourishes ,ornamentation & embellishments belongs to a well-integrated person who is capable ,positive &confident of himself & his surroundings.People who are outstanding in their fields of work have modest and simple signatures.
Writers using decorations & inflating the signatures do it definitely to inflate their ego.TO hide an inner inferiority they try to exhibit superiority through flowery signatures.The capitals in a signature reflects writer's ego.We usually sign our name on the right side of the page but if it is found on the far left of the page it suggests the writer wishes to retreat from his surroundings.Again a signature on the right side of the page indicates the writer is very impatient & drives himself very hard.
Vertical extension of signature indicates the writer's desire for a distinctive reputation .A dot placed at the end of the signature implies that the writer probably distrusts other and guards himself.

For more details about signatures go on

Sometimes graphology fools people.More to know just click on
Published: 2006-07-21
Author: tanmoy mitra

About the author or the publisher
I am an engineering student of electronics.I am aperson who is self-confident,with even temper,realistic.I like to write in leisure.I have ahobby of reading novels,classics .

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