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Green Travel with Relation to Responsible Tourism

Green travel, ecotourism, responsible tourism, environment, Sustainable Tourism

Traveling ‘Green’ is popular nowadays and that is good news. Green travel, be it domestic or international travel, can be defined as an environmental conscious method of travel, revolving around the idea of preserving natural resources and reducing the environment impact and pollution to the best of one’s ability during the entire duration of travel. These practices range from a simple decision to walk, cycle or use public transportation instead of driving a car, all the way to something more profound like offsetting one’s carbon footprint made on the trip by making a donation.

Responsible Tourism

People should realize the importance of Responsible Tourism. Responsible Tourism is a collective effort with an identical goal as Sustainable Tourism: Sustainable Development. All participants of the tourism industry; be it the tourist, a business, locals, and etc takes responsibility for their actions and the environment benefits from this Responsible Tourism movement.

Travel companies that adhere to this worthy cause support community tourism projects. Community tourism projects include utilizing the services of locally owned tourism businesses like hotels, lodges and transport companies. This move ensures that the money will benefit the local communities. Some companies like Adventure Life even go as far as including tours and excursions guided by local or indigenous people. For reference, you can view the operating standards that Adventure Life uses to ensure a positive impact on the local culture, environment and economy.

By reading this far into this article, you are probably interested to be a ‘Green’ traveler. The page on Adventure Life’s website entitled Conservation through Travel will be of much use to you. On the page you will find pertinent information on guidelines of being a ‘Green’ traveler and what to look for in identifying a real ecotourism company. Some travel companies only use the term ecotourism for marketing purposes and the questions from the site will help you make sure you are getting the real deal. By arranging your travels with travel companies that follow ‘Responsible Tourism’, you will be taking a benign step to being an environmentally conscious traveler.

Examples of Green Travel Offerings

There are many travel companies offering different types of travel itineraries conducive to saving the environment. Here are a few examples of travel companies that practice Responsible Tourism, all of them firm believers of Sustainable Tourism.

1. Country Walkers: Walking naturally creates a small environmental footprint and a traveler will be able to experience authentic cultural immersion especially since the tours penetrate deeply into a region and utilize locally owned and operated hotels. Walking tours with “giving back” programs operating in Peru, Nepal and Egypt for example are offered by the company. More information can be found on their website at

2. Undiscovered Country Tours: Trips are organized to maximize the use of bicycles as part of the California cycling vacation. Cycling is a great non-polluting way to view the sights while having a good and healthy exercise. The company seeks out unique, undiscovered spots and travel in organized tour of no more than a dozen people in the group. Check out company’s website over at

3. Adventure Smith Explorations: Carbon free cruising is practiced by the company, showing their commitment to sustainable tourism. The amount of carbon emitted by their small ship cruise passengers is calculated every year and offset by contributing to climate friendly projects worldwide. Such projects include methane collections and electricity generation in South Africa, solar collectors in Costa Rica, and etc. Their website is at

How to Find Green Travel Offerings

More travel companies that practice responsible tourism is out there; you just have to know how to find them. One way is to perform a simple search on the internet for green travel articles and websites. Scouring social networking sites for green travel groups & discussions is a good idea too. A third way is to ask your friends of their ‘green travel’ experiences, good things travel well through word of mouth. Additionally, here is one particular article from Independent that lists plenty of Green Travel resources including a list of Carbon Offset Companies, Eco-friendly lodging, and eco-friendly tour operators.


Now that you know the meaning of ‘Green travel’ and how it relates to Responsible Tourism, remember that the choices you make on your travels do make a difference. Thanks to ‘Green travel’ practices by people like you, future visitors to the same tourist destinations will have similar or better experience of the natural environment and the locals will continue to benefit from the influx of tourists. Your contributions of ‘Green travel’ satisfy the principles of both Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Tourism: environmental integrity, social justice, and maximizing local economic benefit. It is a big deal; key to Sustainable Development of the tourism industry.
Published: 2009-05-11
Author: Abas Kamal bin Sulaiman

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