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Happy At Last

feel happy

Is it just me?
Or why do I feel
So alone nowadays,
Like no one’s around;
Like everyone’s gone.

They all have their own life;
Their own things to do.
Yet I sit here and ponder
To myself everyday.
About all of these things,
About each little concern.

I do not know why,
Yet I feel it’s my fault.
I feel that I’ve done it all now.
All of these things,
All of my problems.
They are all mine,
So why not pay up?

Now I’m alone,
Still, I feel funny.
Now everything’s different,
It’ll never be the same again.
All this hurt and all this pain
All of this, put together,
It’s all my doing,
This is my burden.

I must now face it,
I must face life’s secrets.
All of life’s assets,
Life’s own attributes.

I will soon bloom
Into a whole new me,
But until this day comes,
I’ll remain dark at heart,
Mind and soul.

Whatever will I do
Each and every day?
Until that day shows,
I will forever hold back.

I will not pick a fight.
I will not paint in black.
I will fight for my rights.
I will be happy at last.
Published: 2006-05-14
Author: Lucille Dana

About the author or the publisher
Born in the city of Montreal, in the year 1987, in a loving home and surrounded by the most wonderful family, I was their little Lulu. Always the shy one in class, would always listen to teachers and do well on class assignments. I would almost never make any spelling or grammar mistakes which was why I decided to do something with this talent of mine. That was when I began writing my own poems, short stories, essays, articles, and many more.

More about me on my website.

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