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Happy living ? With or without religion?

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How to live a happy life?How to achieve the target of happy living?Is religion necessary for that or there is no need of it?These are some questions that may come in the mind of any person striving for a happy living in this world.

What can be the right choice for that?Some people state that happy living has nothing to do with religion.It does not matter whether you are following any religion or not.You can live a happy life without it.You have just to be positive in your life to make it happy filled with peace and tranquility.

However there are people who are very different in their ideas about happy life and state that religion is absolutely necessary for a happy living.They state that only religion can give the spiritual happiness and peace of mind that is necessary for a happy living.Without it it is impossible to live happily.

Now what is actually called happiness?Its a feeling that comes from the divine treasures of God and cannot be achieved through any material thing.Money cannot buy it.It cannot be transplanted by any physical means or sources.So without religion no one can develop a relationship with God who will ultimately decide to make a person happy.If the means of religion is not present between God and a human being,there can be no other way to attach him with God.Now this knot of religion will bind the human being with his God and it will ultimately grant him the happy life he has always yearned for.

Without religion the human being is detached from his God that results in a life that has no happiness in it.Only material things are there that can fulfill the physical desires and wishes of a person but they cannot give that spiritual happiness;that inner feeling of peace,contentment and tranquility of heart that is bound with the soul not body.

So happy living is a not achievable without religion.Religion is a must for that.
Published: 2007-06-09
Author: Faisal Nawaz

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