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He is on his way....

TB, Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis in Society, Phlegm, Pulmonary Pleura

He is on the last of his breaths. He is very famous. He has remained to be a famous character from among us. On his journey, he has taken away millions of hearts and his emotional being has kept people to weep for hours. He is as old as communities developed. He was born by us and if he is going to die then it can only be brought about by our support. Although taking one’s life is a crime but If the presence of his character means a bigger crime then it is good to do that crime.

But why should we break the rules and regulations and why should we not let law enforcing agencies do what is needed? Oh yes, Government is asking for civilians to support its way to kill his being, shot him on sight and eradicate any imprints of his character and leave him into history. Oh, you must be thinking, how can this all be done with bare-hands; don’t worry; government has established its plan of action and is also willing to provide weapons to the willing individuals, who want to be successors and want to defeat him.

He is not going to give up very easily; he has his own panel of supporters who live among the highly dense communities. Communities of this type are well distributed through out our country; so is the case with him and his followers. In some areas he has not made any intentional uphold but he has got a big one there too. In some places, he is given divine preference. But now count down to his death has begun.

He has been having a huge emotional impact whenever he had someone coughing, phlegm spitting; he had made one confined to a single place; made one too exhausted to move and too poor in health. Yes you got it; he is Tuberculosis infection. Government has taken measures to eradicate this bacterial infection, so that patients suffering from this disease may rejuvenate their lives and health. Government is supplying weapons which are medicines. So join the hands and start the fight!
Published: 2007-04-06
Author: Muhammad Shafique

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Muhammad Shafique
Freelance Columnist

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