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Heart Disease

heart disease

Flip through your family album, many of the factors, that lead to heart disease, have a genetic link. If neither, of your parents had a heart attack before the age of seventy, your own chances of having one, before that age are cut in half.

Check your pockets for matches, if you don't have any, chances are, you are not a smoker. Good. You have, just reduced your risk of a fatal heart attack by atleast fifty per cent. Smoking alone causes, , one-fifth of all heart-disease deaths, by narrowing blood vesels and making the blood more prone to clotting.

Measure your waist, obesity, or a pot belly, rasies your heart disease risk. This simple test, will tell you how big a problem, your belly is. With a measuring tape, get a reading on your waist, at the mid point, between your bottom rib and hipbone, then measure your hips, at the widest poit. Divide your waist size by your hip size, and, you have got something called your waist-to-hip-ratio.

If that ratio is .95 or less, you have just eliminated one key risk factor for heart disease.
Remember, it is not just when you are fat, it is also, when you have a belly.
To cut your risk, you know the options, reduce fat in your diet, eat healthier.

Take your pulse, first get a night's sleep, when you wake up, take your pulse, counting the number of heart beats in one minute. That is your resting heart rate. The lower it is, the less your heart has to work, to pump blood through your body. The less it has to work, the longer it's likely to last. Heart disease can be prevented if you eat correctly and exercise daily.

Do some math, call a close friend, take your blood pressure twice a day, also, count your empties, if your dustbin is full of beer bottles, you probably drink too much. Make adjustments. Deaths of heart disease is increasing every year.
Published: 2009-10-27
Author: Devika Primic

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I am South African, I am married to a Croatian and have a son of 16. We are now living in Croatia for 7 years. I have recently published my first book and is for sale on at $12,95.

I am currently registered with Triond submitting articles. Also, I have my articles on Bukisa, and several others.
I enjyoy writing, but, I would also like to earn from my writing.

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