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Heroes of modern times

heroes, heroes of modern times

The world we are in today is full of problems, worries,
Worries that can be likened to wars of yesterdays,
Battles we need to fight, must win and must surmount,
For our children’s children to have a better life.

What makes our wars today unique from yesterdays,
We are ourselves the problems, we are the enemies,
No longer foreign forces with arms and hostile armies,
But our indifference, our values and bad habits.

It is in this respect that we all need today,
More of the modern heroes who will show us the way,
Heroes who will inspire us, just what Rizal did say,
For us to move forward, regain self-dignity.

Can we not call a teacher, a hero in his own right?
Who gives his best in teaching, a model to a child,
A fisherman who abhors the use of dynamite,
A farmer who avoids the use of pesticide.

Indeed even a doctor who chooses not his patients,
A judge of principle, upholds what’s just and fair,
A businessman who cheats not and loved by customers,
They can be called all heroes and serve as our models.

Employee who reports for work in time and early,
Who serve his clients well without bribe, token money,
A janitor who cleans his area bright and shiny,
Are heroes in their own right, pride in their work of duty.
Published: 2007-05-15
Author: Christian Langbayan

About the author or the publisher
I am a student, currently enrolled in the University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines. I have made some articles but I did not passed them to any publisher or websites. I am now doing an editorial and election cartoons for the contest of the local newspaper in baguio city, the Midland Courier.

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