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Home of Jen Bang Stenhus

Jens Bang

It is imperative for anyone who visits Alborg to pay a visit to Osteraagrade. The place has sparse traffic and is ideal for an evening stroll. In the past it used to be major canal where ships unloaded their freights adjacent to the home of the merchants.

Only one of these homes stands today, the Jens Bang Stenhus which means The stone house of Jens Bang. This grand house was constructed in the 17th century in Danish renaissance architecture by prominent merchant of that time Jens Bang. The local authorities were envious of Jens Bang because of his connection with King Christian 4 and because of all the wealth he had accumulated. The majestic house belittles the town hall right next to it. Jens Bang wanted the Stenhus to be the most imposing structure in North Jutland it also was the epitome of all the wealth and splendour of Jens Bang. It also shows Jens Stenhus's displeasure towards the local authorities, the walls that face the town hall has carved caricatures of the town officials resembling the devils. Facing the devils were clowns showing their tongues, the whole idea was to mock the town authorities. You can enter this superb structure, which is a pharmacy on the first floor, but in the basement there is the beautiful Duus Vinkjaelder(the Wine Basement).

The room is magnificent with a nice bar built on the old customs. This place was the home of the Christian 4 Laug, which was the order of the king started during WW2 to honor Danish beliefs and history. Many prominent people are a part of this fellowship such as Victor Borge, George Bush Sr and Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark.
Published: 2009-01-04
Author: Pranav Sood

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