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homeopathy and astrohomeopathy


homeopathy is a theurapeutic science invented by master samuel hahnemann based on the natural law of cure- similia similibus curanter which means that let likes be treated by likes. Homeopathy is a wonderful science and treats patients patients based on the principle of symptom similarity.

astrology is the ancient science of predicting the future of anything by studying the planetary movements and also by other branches like numerology,energy studies etc used for finding the answer to future and past questions of a person.

astrohomeopathy is a unique science developed by sankalp desai, a student from bangalore which uses both the knowledge of astrology and also homeopathy in order to treat the patients of their ailments. It is a very unique science and in the future can be an answer to many of the modern ailments like SARS,AIDS etc.

homeopathy is the science of similia similibus curanter. However, the principle of vital force in homeopathy beleives that the invisible force called vital force is responsible for harmonius functioning of the body. However, the derangement of the vital force can be the cause for many ailments and disease is produced. However, in astrohomeopathy, along with the derangement of the vital force, there is also a derangement of planetary arrangements in the horoscope of the patient. So this derangement can be noticed just by studying the full photograph of the patient and also his date of birth and planetary numbers. The photograph of the patient should be taken in early morning sunlight with a open background and also wear clean white cotton clothes and also no jewellery.

Just by studying the photograph of the patient a lot of information can be got about the past history and the present complaints suffered by the patient. So a through disease diagnosis can be done and also a remedy based on homeopathy can be predicted for the patient.
So astrohomeopathy is a wonderful science and requires a propagation.

astrohomeopathy is a wonderful science and it is very important that this wonderful science does not go a begging and should be propagated by you readers. It is by encouragement of the readers that i will be able to write new articles on this new and wonderful science of astrohomeopathy and would be able to rekindle the spirit of science in the hearts of the readers
Published: 2006-07-09
Author: sankalp desai

About the author or the publisher
I am a student studying homeopathy in bangalore,India. I am interested in writing my own articles which will help to propagate my own science of astrohomeopathy. It is a very good science and will help in the upbringing of homeopathy as well as astrology.

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