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How can a Mom Manage Time

Mom, time

This happens everyday to a metro mom. She gets off her cozy bed, switch off the alarm clock and lazily get into the bathroom. There she takes 10-20 minutes in the bathroom, after she gets out; she is already late for office. Speedily she takes her breakfast, packs up her office kit and then; gets going. Lucky her, if she has some kids to make it even easier.

At office, she has lots of mail to read, lots of gossip to make and thousands of unfinished works to do. She was late, so, with her hands behind her back, she is there in the boss’s room, to attend an unfavorable class. And she ends up with even worse condition at her office.

Back home, she has to dive in the sink with the dishes and tumble up with those unfinished clothes. She has to share some words with her notorious neighbor when she is really busy and watch television series to catch up with her friends in the office.

If these criteria match your daily routine it’s time for you to change. You can change some habits and save some time for you. Get some time where you will think about yourself and help yourself out from this mess. The good housekeeping magazine in its article “Gain an hour a Day” describes about how you can gain an extra hour a day, so that you can relax and enjoy shaving your legs.

For today’s mom, she can do lots of stuffs so that she can get rid of all those routine work and get some time to think about herself. By avoiding doing everything by herself, she can try to divide her work and sometime if not very personal; can hire someone to do it for her. Like, if possible she can hire someone to mow the garden. And ask some dry cleaner to handle her clothes. She can enjoy the weekend outside in some restaurant. That will save her time for cooking and give her some personal moments.

Though not very tough, you can follow some rules:

Do the urgent most first…

We usually end up doing things that are not important for us for the moment, if actually we do things that are important we will be saving a lot of time.

Get Organized

Here you are in front of your computer, lots of mail to sort out; try this: delete the spasm, delete all customer comment mails and get rid of what is unnecessary for you. You will end up with a cleaner inbox. I guess you will then be able to read and reply mails faster.

When you want to say no don’t say yes

That’s a good habit to say no. When you say no to one thing you are unable to do right now, obviously; you will be able to say yes to rather important things.

Hire Someone

If everyday you have to work for hours in your garden or washing clothes why not hiring someone to look after. You can even ask services from a dry cleaner so that you don’t really have to kill time washing piles of clothes everyday.

Well, some people sleep with their cloths on; in order to save some time. I think if you think wisely you don’t have to be such crazy. Anyway, give yourself some time.
Published: 2007-09-24
Author: Tushar Neupaney

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