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How Free is Press in Asia?

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the press is the leader of thought and thought processes in the society. through out the world, the press is looked up to for leadership in spirit and essence.In fact some leaders have chided the press later for not publicising their blunders a la kennedy and bay of pigs invasion.In india the shining chapter fo the press was during the iternal emergency imposed by Mrs Indira Gandhi. It has had one positive effect. the law stands amended and no democratical elected prime minister can impose his will on the nation.
For want of thatconvention in law and in practice, our neighbour has suffered and is still suffering experiments in "guideddemocracy" and usually at the cost of the silent majorit.
The newspaper I was privileged to work durng the internal emergency in iin India was targeted for harsh treatment. It stood its ground. Part of that fight was sustained by the idomitable spirit of thenerwspaper baron Ramnath goenka. The Indian Express of today is a far cry from those glorious days.But there has been a paradigm shift since then, thethreat comes from the commercial se

ctor. The ad world strides the newspages and the management has relegated the editor to the second place.

great editors were read and their pieces would sell the newspaper. Like Pothan Joseph's over a cup of tea column. Or Frank moraes' men, moments and memoirs. Short, crisp, to the point. and cosmopolitan.

unless we have writers in newspapers who are avidly read and they are humoured to offer their pieceson exclusive basis, the freedom of the press in india, Asia as elsewhere stands imperiled.

Published: 2007-11-30
Author: self

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