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How Happiness heals


This innovative age is nurturing the alternative therapies widely. These therapies include herbal treatments, aromatherapies, healing from food and spiritual wellbeing. An exotic class of such therapies, eminent these days is HAPPINESS, which is alleged to be the best medicine.

Besides clinical and psychological researches, it is obvious that a happy face or a cheerful smile liberates soothe, in contrast to sadness, which generates constant depression.

Experiments are continually being done to explore more and more healing influences of positivity. There is a vital bond between heart and emotions. Easiness, love, warmness and cheering could help to reduce cardiovascular activity; these themes lower those protein levels which are responsible for coronary heart diseases. The low heart rates of optimists result in improved cardiovascular activity.
It is believed that upbeats discharge endorphins which in turns relieve body pains. Keep laughing for some moments, it will work as an anesthetic and reduce the pain threshold.

Along with other vital organs, your skin is also listening to your brain. When the brain perceives anxiety, release of stress hormones causes black heads while they also accelerate a number of free radicals to contribute in early aging. The grimace expressions increase muscular contractions, forming facial wrinkles.

Another study focuses that a life-size laughter is an aerobic exercise to burn some calories so indirectly reduces your weight.
Happiness also boosts up your immune system. Studies have shown that socially connected people are less likely to catch contagious diseases than hopeless people. Helplessness even slows the healing of a wound.
The elixir of happiness has the therapeutic dose of smile. If u cant smile your association with others are restricted which hurdles in your way to happiness.

It’s an effortless job to keep fit, just be happy by:

*when u wake up, pile up the things u r blessed with
*watch a comedy to beat your blues
*read humor for better sense.
*be childish, especially with your children
*plan a happy weekend
*create peaceful working environment
*give surprises

There are millions of routes for being happy so adjust the dose that suites u the best and keep in mind! Here over dosage will give extra advantage and no adverse effect.
Published: 2009-02-19
Author: Farah hedayat

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farah hedayat

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