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How make you Boss Succeed

Tips, giudelines for employees to Make Boss succeed in corporate world

Few Tips

How to Make Your Boss Succeed
S Kalpna Sharma

Always remember that “Boss is never wrong”

1. The literal meaning of the BOSS is Master, Manager or overseer, and all these expression hold true to their sense in military style of leadership and bossism. A boss is considered to be a leader who leads a team of employee and faces numerous challenges to carry out his assigned role with out controversies. It is essential for all the colleagues and juniors to understand the complexities of tasks and objectives of their boss and provide unflinching support to achieve the same. It is, therefore, important for all the employees to nourish the traits and qualities to assist the boss in achieving the goals.

How to Make Your Boss Succeed

2. The paper is covered in three parts:-
Individual Perception about the Boss.
Tips as how to make Your Boss Succeed.
Do’s and Don’ts.

Individual Perception about the Boss

3. (a) What You Think About the Boss. Every one knows fully well about the status and position of his boss but still his perception differs. However in military parlance we can define, the boss as an individual who has enough experience and maturity and is:-
Senior to you, thereby, commands experience and exposure to the realities of life.
Is equipped with the authority on all the subjects dealing with administration in war and peace.
Holds unique position in the hierarchy.
May be considered imprudent but not coward thus he is full of life, courage, conviction and decisiveness.

(b) What do you Expect from Your Boss. Though, the functioning of your boss may dismay you most of the time you encounter him; but still at the corner of your heart, you scaled the qualities of your boss. The qualities as you would have expected out of him on the very first occasion you received the good or bad news to know that that your new boss is. However, a few common qualities of military boss as I perceived out of him should be:-
An honest but tactful individual;
Thorough professional soldier, dashing and daring;
Compassionate and considerate;
Cheerful, joyous and hard task master willing to take calculated risks;
Capable of withstanding sustained pressure;
Owning the morale responsibilities for mistakes of his subordinate;
Authoritative, demanding educative and creative work; and
Able to set personal example to the men he commands.

(c) The above list is not exhaustive and the same could be expanded with the expectation of the readers view. However, everyone perceives and adopt a different yard stick to identify his boss. Let me assure you that irrespective of the qualities you view; “your personal effectiveness is the most powerful means of satisfaction that will contribute to your bosses’ success”.


How to Make Your Boss Succeed

4. When one encounters his boss in the helm of the affairs, he remains under undue stress and strain for quite considerable period, therefore one should be mentally prepared to meet the challenges of sudden shock. A few commandments for the employees, subordinates and colleagues to understand and follow are:-
(a) Do Not be Afraid to Fail. Zig Ziglar, the most renounced motivator Said “Failure is an event, not a person”. No individual is ever a failure and the same be considered as an accident and nothing beyond this. One should think the event as a closed chapter and that tomorrow is always another day to come. Never forget the failures as how many times you failed but what lesson you derived from each unsuccessful attempt. Do not worry about the failure but worry about the chances you miss when you do not even try.

(b) Do the Things Right Way. One should think and act in the right direction and with the Espirit-de-corps of the service norms. There is only one way to do a thing and that is the right way. Always remember “two wrongs can never make one right” therefore an employee should not be afraid of firing from his boss but feel free to express his fair and judicious views. Most of the time, you will note, your boss appreciates your approach and respects your honest conduct. If he is good boss, he will see that you are kept at the due place.

(c) Attitude is Everything.
(i) Walk through the life with a combination of approaches and attitude. It may be a Chinese type dropping mustache or Rajputani type upward approach and so on; you should follow a soft and sound way while dealing with your boss. “Make forgiveness your permanent attitude”. This will help you and your boss to carry on without inhibitions. Do remember two golden rules to change your attitude,

One “Boss is never wrong”,
Two “Even if he is wrong rule one holds true”. Remember this gospel to change your attitude with that of the boss.

(ii) Many a times people consider that positive attitude means being well wisher. This may not be true for every one because doing welfare is the style of command where as positive attitude leads to in soul searching for a meaningful and result oriented goals for the betterment of the system and for all.

(d) Work to your Full Potential. We often blame our failure to Karma and forget to recall the story of a Rabbit and Tortoise. Who won the race? The slow and steady going Tortoise because of continuous efforts of karmas. Unfortunately most of us loose our race before we start. We give up in our minds only. A good way to learn is to always pray that you have a tough boss who is demanding. This will give you an opportunity to exploit your full potential and capacity to work. Your contribution to your boss success may be negligible but your own learning in turn is invaluable. If you are a good karamyogi, your boss cannot give you excellence but he can make an excellent person out of you. This is what you can do to assist your boss in achieving his goals; and in turn you explore your full potential to work.

(e) Differentiate Between Essential and Inessentials
(i) One of the most important aspects of you is to identify the essentials and inessentials for your boss. You as subordinate or staff officer should prepare a list of jobs that can be performed by other subordinate officers. This should clearly define between Should, Could and Must job to be done by your boss. Boss should be kept free from diminutive daily and routine matters so that he is able to devote more time for other important task of his command.

(ii) Law of Diminishing Return must be kept in your mind while performing the job and do your best to reduce undue mental stress from your boss. Follow the principle “Keep your boss inform and not involved”. Ensure your list of essentials and Inessentials is approved by your boss.

(f) Be More Creative. To be creative one needn’t wait for an opportunity or a chance but exploit the hidden treasure of your mind, you just have to open the Pandora box, put your hand and take out the dream of your vision. The deeper you dig in the mind greater are the chances to catch the ideas filled with creativity which are not co-related with the present, past, failures or successes. Be a detailed planner and see what assistance you have created for your boss.. A well-conceived and chartered plan filled with new ideas may make your boss verve. Self discipline and determination are two essential pre-requisite to generate require number of ideas and when ideas causes to flow, enable the mind to rebound with new ideas after recuperative period.

(g) Analyses of Problem in Detail. Really speaking most of the problems are due to lack of ideas and please refrain from getting into the trap of blaming your boss for your problems. Analyse what caused your problems. Roughly speaking one third of our problems are there because we are alive; another one third are existing because of our Izzat and Laalach (ego and greed) and balance one third are created by ourselves.

Remember the dictum 1 “Problems created by us have to be solved as such”, therefore, when ever you are faced with a problem do adopt following steps:-

(i) Think. There is always a way to solve each and every problem and that is what you have to find. When you are faced with a problem do not jitter, sit down adopt a calm posture, recall some existing Daadi Maa’s story related with such activities and co-relate with the problem. Most of the time, your solution lies within you. Jot down a few courses of action and select one that is near to perfection.

Remember 2 “Problems cause stress and stress reduces effectiveness”.

(ii) Ask, Ask and Ask. As a man of conviction and courage before looking for a solution Ask, ask and repetitively ask yourself about the solution to the problem. Do not forget that even stupid questions may get you an intelligent answer. A repetitive cycle of inquiry with in you or from others may lead you to the most suitable solution, therefore never be afraid from asking firstly yourself, secondly your wife and finally to friends. Most of the time you will observe that answer lies with in you.

(iii) Do it now. Do not forget that first step toward solving a problem is to begin and this is most difficult but taking it will assist you in solving the problem. Do not forget to prioritize your problems. Relegate ‘C’ (unimportant) grade problems to others but do keep checks and balance. Do follow MISER concept to solve a problem, where M stands for Merger of alternative courses into one; I advises Improvement upon available courses; S guides to Simplicity; E stands to Eliminate undue options and R leads to Reducing the problem to minimum (writing).

(h) Compare Yourself with Yourself Only. If you want to become more effective and useful colleague compare yourself not with others. Never search for an answer as what others did for your boss but analyze what you have done for your boss to succeed. “Most of the problems come when you compare yourself with others and not with yourself. This is all because you want to hide your weaknesses rather than overcoming the same. Remember “Comparing with others is always dangerous and stressful”. At all if you want to compare to eradicate weaknesses in you, do compare with person who possesses required maturity and service. Never do match your performance with your juniors and subordinates. This always leads you to be egoist and finally takes you to commit mistakes.

(i) Shoulder Responsibility Voluntarily. Contrary to the army dictum “Never Volunteer in Army”, I suggest you should over rule this myth and do volunteer yourself to do the job. This will make your boss dependent on you at the time of crisis and that is what you should strive to achieve. He wants a reliable and dependent subordinate who can free him from petty job of daily and routine nature and in turn allow him to devote time to more important aspects of his command. If you are able to do this, you achieved a major success in making your boss succeed.

(j) Be Committed. Commitment alone is not good enough to prove ability. One must be competent of doing the job in hand. Do cultivate and develop the habit to master a particular field and become indispensable to the organisation. Remember, never commit yourself for unproductive, appeasing and glazed works because some day you are going to be caught and that day will be most unpleasant for you. Avoid doing decorative and displaying works rather commit yourself to do grass root level jobs. One needn’t forget that over commitment develops incompetence that closes the avenues for future development and this is what you should avoid.

(k) Prepare to be Fired Daily. An important tip that you need to embed in your mind is that you could be fired any day at any time, thus never take your closeness with your boss for granted. Fathoming the size and depth of own shoes is an intelligent act. Thought of being indispensable should never go to your head. Do not think why boss fired you? Think how and where you failed to arrive at such a situation. A gospel indeed will make you wiser.

Do’s & Don’ts

5. Do’s. Always remember that what ever you do, do abide by the following:-
Look deep inside the problems. Thing are seldom same what they appears to be. Think about your boss problems, his intended actions and style of command. This will give an opportunity to learn and analyse the problems deeper. Be a detailed planner. Never brush aside the problems, other wise they will brush you to a side and that is what; is very painful.
Do admit your mistakes. Never shy away from admitting your mistakes honorably and acknowledge the mistakes made by your boss without telling him.
Do not relegate task to another day. Do important job as and when you get before they become urgent. Remember Sant Kabir’s Saying ‘ Kal Kare so Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare so Abb,, Pal mein Pralay hoigi Bahuri Kaorge Kab” ( Whatever you want to do tomorrow do today and what you wanted to do today, Do right now, Who knows when you will meet dooms day while waiting to do a thing).
Act as per your conscience. Listen to it, it will remind you of your Karma and the right way to do a jobs.
Do what you think is the right and not what your boss think is right.
Be a balance person and avoid articulation in life. Most of the bosses dislike.
Be result oriented.
Befriend to yourself and other will befriend you.
Do learn from your failure and mistakes.
Do adopt and follow positive attitude.

7 Don’ts. Don’t do the following:-
• Don’t act when moved by passion; you will get every thing wrong.
• Don’t expect others to listen to your advise; just put up your point, let others analyse it.
• Don’t run down your boss plans unless you have a better one to offer.
• Don’t correct your boss in front and in the presence of others; do it discreetly, intelligently and privately.
• Don’t stress yourself with the problems; rather starve the problems with solutions.
• Don’t take your problems to your home, do solve in the office only. Most of the bosses do like to see you working in office during the late hours.
• Don’t forget that boss is the boss and he is always right.
• Don’t get embroiled in the personal politics, gossip, criticism and fault finding.
• Do keep away from this mess of rodents.


6. One must understand the amount of pressure on the boss in absence of seniors and reduced scale strength of officers in the units therefore, it is very essential for subordinates to do their utmost in solving the added problems of the boss. Most of the time one is worried as how to please his boss but no one ever thinks as how he well one should do his job so that boss likes him. Let me assure you that if you walk one upright step toward your boss, he will take two. You will notice that your boss is always on look out for the opportunities to give you a task. Did you ever analyse why? If you do have a peep into the thought. You should work to achieve satisfaction to your self rather than loosing time to make others satisfied and lending in trouble.

7. You must mediate between the boss and the organisation in such a manner that both should obtain the maximum satisfaction. Do study the personal characteristics and effects of environmental pressures and demands facing the boss to understand him better and provide required assistance when he needs most thereby creating favorable and pleasant environment for the boss to achieve his goals successfully.
Published: 2006-07-31
Author: Ms S Kalpna Sharma

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance journalist and am writing on various burning issue which affect the world order and a Common and Oridnary Man on Street (COMOS) such as terrorism/insurgency economy, teenagers suicide and woman pious body and beauty. Stress management and Art of Happy Life (HOPL).
I am also managing a NGO non registered and help people in distress.
I am a simple housewife who assists her husband in managing his professional life.

S Kalpna Sharma

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