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How much Baby Einstein under two years old?

baby einstein

Too much television?

Despite the warnings about what amount of television children should be watching, there are more shows than ever targeted at those under the age of five. Though most recommend that children under the age of two watch no television, there are many that do. It is wise for parents to limit the amount of television at any age, but when they are young, it’s very important. One popular brand for those who might be too young to watch is Baby Einstein. However, if you keep the sessions low, this might be helpful.

Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein was the brainchild of a mom. She has since sold to Disney, and they now operate the series. These videos are meant to help stimulate the brain in young children through music, color, and motion. There are many parents who swear these have helped their children. The trick is knowing when to quit. Most children under two can benefit, but it might only take ten minutes of a video for them just once or twice a week. Even then, you should talk with a doctor about how much and when, and they may tell you none.

Other shows

Besides Baby Einstein, there are other children’s shows that are worthwhile for children. The Wiggles, for example, have long been a favorite of my daughter. I have done my best to limit TV time for her, but once she went through her kindergarten testing, I realized how much she learned from them. I am admittedly not a teacher, and I could never be one. I think that makes me admire them even more. Without the Wiggles, she may not be as smart as she is, or would not have done as well with her testing.

Nothing beats one on one interaction

If you are considering Baby Einstein, remember to use common sense when you decide if your child is old enough when watching for the first time, and how much you want them to watch. Less is better when they are younger. Also remember to keep your sessions with Baby Einstein limited, and make them interactive. Watch these with your baby or child, and then talk about them and act things out afterwards. You will soon be able to see if they are having any effect or not. Nothing beats one on one interaction, but if you can combine that with something that would stimulate the mind, that might be something you can do to help them out a bit. Remember, don’t take it too seriously, as children should be allowed to be children. Think of it more as bonding than education.

Don't just plug your child in front of Baby Einstein so you can wash the dishes or do some cleaning.
Published: 2007-09-17
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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