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How my soul travelled?

soul, journey, universe, energy,

The journey of my soul
begins as an invisible packet of energy
bundled inside heat.

The heat is my trustworthy vehicle
that carries me upto my destination
safe and sound.

Sound also travels with me
but in an unheard form
attached with heat and soul.

Yes, this is ofcourse true
soul, heat and sound are tied
without any actual glue.

Perhaps you don't believe that souls are always there
and also here
in the form of energy

but you don't have doubt about the fact that
Heat and sound energies do exist in universe
perhaps because you have detectors for their detection.

But I just want to say
the same detectors are there to detect soul energy too.
you see them everyday, you feel them every second.

Now if I show you the detectors that detect soul energy
are you going to believe me??

You must and you should

There are so-so many detectors

ranging from micro, macro, mini, mega to giants.

In veriety of colours
In variety of shapes
at veriety of locations
whole of planet earth is full of them
yes, yes you have seen them

These are
the living organisms

yes they are the detectors, the machines which detect soul energy.

And now see an example of attachment of soul energy with heat:-
When we incubate an egg inside incubator
the soul energy from the heat transfers into the Sanjeevanee apparatus
inside egg
what is this sanjeevanee apparatus??
I call nuclear material- the sanjeevanee apparatus
the apparatus that detects & traps
soul energy, like
a nitorgen trapper traps nitrogen

and this is how the soul from universe tranforms
into a live entity.

Need another example:-

The seed inside the soul also grows same way.

when I die same way my soul leaves the physical body
travels into the universe
either to remain as pure enrgy

or to find another sanjeevanee apparatus and
grow into another life.

The final fate perhaps depends on the good and bad I do during life.
Published: 2007-05-18
Author: Sanjeev Kumari Paul

About the author or the publisher
working as Veterinary Medicine Specialist,
Enjoys as animal related content writer, poet, English-Hindi translator, reviews documents related to veterinary and animal relates stuff, photography of natural and veterinary related stuff.

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