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How Relationships Break

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People have wondered for ages why do we leave the people we love...why do our loved ones change with time??????????we do promise to love and honour the partner for a lifetime...but often relationships dont last for a lifetime..the next question one may ask isWHY?? to answer that here is the top ten reasons why relatonships dont last


we often see people who "fall oout of love" with their partners...the same partners they were once madly in ove with...the term means that we loose the mad passionate feeling towards our doesnt mean that we dont love our partner any more but it means that we love them in a gentle and fellow person way...the only solution of this problem is understanding that our partners are human beings too and every human being including ourselves change with time...becomes a more or less different person than what we were 5 years ago...mainly due to maturity an doesnt mean that we have lost the person we loved but we have got a better modified version of our partners


the main problem of our daily relationships is that we refuse to compromise....we as hindividuals with definite self pride refuse to submit to another individual....all we say is that if that person loves me then why does he ask me to compromise??what we dont understand is that...when we get into a relationship many things changes...we are not that happy go lucky individual any more...we are entering into a bond wit sum1...that sum1 may have different likes and dislikes than mine...they may have different schedules and routines than it is very rude and precorious to assume that that person has nothing to say in my lifestyle when i myself may have problems with his it should be remembered that compromise is an absolute esential for any relationhips


THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON FOR BREAKING OF A RELATIONSHIP IS SUSPICION.....we have a doubt or rather fear in our mind whenever we see our partners with some other girl or is totally not unjustified because in some cases the partner does cheat...but as all fingers of one hand are not the same...all persons are not cheaters...the best way to deal with suspicion is not to jump into any conclusins....first we should try to work out our suspicions...that is talk with our partners o our fears and doubts...we shoud understan that no matter how much our partners love us they are allowed to have their own friends and peers...they cannot spend all the time with us and they must give time to their colleagues,friends....that does not mean that our partners love us any less but it means that they are mature responsible human beings...vice versa....every partner has a right to know about the general whereabout of their partners as long as they are not asking for every little detail and there is no reason to be angry or irritated when faced with such questions...over obsessiveness is not good...but asking trivial,simple questions only shows how much one cares about his/her partner

These, according to me are the three main causes for destruction of relationships...hopefully the readers of this article will find it appealing and more or less correct and hopefully i have been able to connect with my readers...
Published: 2007-12-01
Author: Ankita Dey

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i m a student of english honours with a keen interest on writing...

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