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How to Choice and Get a Health Insurance Quote?

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There are so many things to think about when you decide to make changes in your life. So often all the details of changing careers are too overwhelming for some people so they stay locked into a position that they may not enjoy. I found this happening to me. I was commuting over two hours a day to a job that I no longer enjoyed. My supervisor made my life miserable and the expectations that were placed on me were impossible to complete. I felt tire all the time and was having horrible stress headaches. My husband and I finally decided that I needed to leave this job or it would kill me.

One of my reasons for staying employed there for so long was the great health care benefits that I received. I was allowed to continue receiving the benefits for eighteen months. I thought that this would be plenty of time for me to either find another job or get on to my husband’s insurance during the open enrollment period. I decided that I would get a health insurance quote so that I would know if the premium that I would have to pay through my husband’s work was a good deal.

I researched how to get a health insurance quote. I found that there are companies on line that act as brokers for several different companies. If you fill out one general health questionnaire and submit it, the information is then forwarded to the major health insurance companies and they then give a print out of what coverage you can receive for what cost. I found that you need to be very thorough in reading the different health insurance quotes. Some of the offers did not include hospitalization coverage. Some of the cheaper insurance quotes were to supplement other insurance coverage. I found that the less expensive coverage had large deductibles and large co-pays. You have to make a decision if you want the out of pocket costs to pay premiums or to pay for medical care. In some ways it is like gambling. Do you take the sure bet and pay a high premium to know that no matter what happens you will be covered, or do you save the money and pay less of a premium and risk that you will not need the health care. I decided that I did not want to take any great risks. I took the health insurance quote that was mid-range. I still had some out of pocket costs but the coverage was very complete. I think there would be many people that would retire earlier and also work less hours if it were not for the high cost of health insurance.
Published: 2007-08-17
Author: Zora Ait El Machkouri

About the author or the publisher
French journalist and Editor-in-chief of a new magazine about Africa

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