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How to choose the right credit card

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Credit cards play a very important role in our lives today. Our financial planning and expenses are based on the credit cards that we have. It is very essential to have the right credit cards as it can make a big difference to our finances. One should always look around in the market for the various options that are available before choosing a credit card. There are numerous options that you come across through viral marketing – word of the mouth, Internet ads, emails and the like. Then decide on the features that work best for you and are your requirements. At the same time, you should not try to know about all the existing options in the market as it can have fallacious consequences. Your perfect credit card should have the right combination of fees, rates and benefits. After comparing whatever credit cards you have come across, then decide on the one that you want to take.

In today’s world, you can choose the right credit card using the Internet. All the companies that offer credit cards have their own websites. By using these websites, you can avoid wasting time of visiting them personally and at the same time, use your own time and convenience to decide which credit card offer suits you the best. There are few websites that offer you the flexibility of comparing several credit cards at the same time and then select the one that you feel like. When you want to shop for a credit card, you should always keep in mind what is the purpose of the card that you take – whether you want to use it to pay your full monthly bill or you require an option that lets you carry over the balance from month to month at the lowest possible rates or if you want to have flexibility of using the credit card to take loans or cash advances. Based on your needs, you should also check for the annual percentage rate and how the finance charge is calculated. Some credit cards will have a minimum finance charge that means that you will be charged a minimum amount even if your usage on the card is less.

The most important consideration that needs to be thought of is the fees that are charged by the credit cards. Most of the credit cards charge various fees like annual fee, late payment fee, balance transfer fee etc. If you want to pay your outstanding bill regularly every month, then it is wise to select a card that has no annual fee. At the same time, if you are expecting to carry balances, then you should select a card that has the lowest interest rate. Apart from these features, there are other factors also which make a difference. Credit cards should be accepted in all places to ensure that you have no problems with any transactions with the credit card. The benefits offered with a credit card can also make a difference. You should keep in mind that the benefits are the ones that you would use or require at some point of time or the other and also that the other features of the card do not hinder these benefits.

We can safely conclude that the most important thing to be considered while shopping for a credit card is to evaluate all the features and then decide which card suits your needs and thereby shop for it.
Published: 2008-09-11
Author: Medha Behera

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