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How to choose the right keyword for your keyword rich article

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This article is a follow-up to my previous article titled: " How to write a keyword rich article " I am pleased to see that the article has received many hits which positions it in the TOP 10 in web-ranking for Google search results. The article explains how to write a keyword rich article and receive a high ranking on search engines results, consequentially increasing one’s website traffic.

Writing a keyword rich article will not automatically result in a higher ranking on search engines. More than just optimizing one’s article with your keywords, what is required is choosing the right keyword phrase for the keyword rich article.

There are millions of web pages online and thousands to millions using the same keyword phrase repetitively. If you want better results and a higher web-ranking than the other millions of web pages you must use the right keyword phrase that optimizes your article or website as explained below.

How to choose the right keyword phrase to optimize your keyword rich article?

First choose a keyword phrase which match with your article then you investigate the websites which are using the same keyword phrase you want to use to see if they are well optimize for your keyword phrase.

1- Conduct a search with Google with your keyword phrase and look the number of results. If you have 100 000 000 results it a sign that it will be very difficult to have a good rank with your keyword phrase. Try with another keyword phrase to have as less results as possible.

2- Then at the first 5 web pages that rank highest in the results look if the websites have your keyword phrase in the title, description and the Url

3- Look at the code source on the web page and see if the author uses the keyword phrase in the meta description and in the meta keywords. (Click on View on your browser and then on Source)

4- Look to see if the keyword phrase is in the first 100 words on the page

5- Determine if the keyword phrase is between the


tags and and tags or and tags

6- Look at the density of the keyword phrase in the page (see " How to write a keyword rich article " to know how to do it)

7- Finally observe the Backward links (how many websites have a link on this web page). Go on then type "link: to see the number of backward links.

If the websites you are searching are not well optimized and if you think you can write an article that will receive a higher ranking then go for it! You have the right keyword phrase to get a good rank.

What to do if you find the 5 selected websites are competitive and well optimized with your chosen keyword phrase and if they show a large amount of backlinks?

Simply, you should save your valuable time and focus your efforts on other keyword phrases that are similar to your original keyword phrase.

How to find the right keyword phrase for your keyword rich article?

There are a few powerful tools to help find the right keyword phrase for a keyword rich article. The most powerful applications are not free. If you are a serious professional and want to guarantee your success I recommend the following tools.

Tool 1 (Watch the videos)
Tool 2

With the above software features you can be certain to easily and quickly find the right keyword phrase for your keyword rich article or website. These applications are informative in that they show how many competing sites use the keyword phrases from all main search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Altavista and others.

Another benefit to using the recommended software is that the results also show how often the keyword phrases are searched on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and others.

If your budget limits your ability to purchase the tools I suggest using the one-day or one-week option exclusive with the second application. Click here then on the price button on the top.

How to find the right keyword phrase for your keyword rich article for FREE?

I’ll show you how to do it for free, but you won’t have the same results as using a professional tool such as the recommended applications above. Yahoo has a free application that will tell you how often people searched for your keyword phrase on Yahoo last month. It’s good, but the result will be different from Google, MSN, Altavista and other search engines. If you want many visitors on your keyword rich article or website it is better to get a good rank on all search engines and not just on Yahoo. At least this tool can give to you a good idea.

1- Click here to open the Yahoo's tool

2- Enter your keyword phrase in the Keyword Selector Tool field and click on the button. As an example enter the keyword phrase "car insurance".

Today June 03, 2006 the tool shows 3979349 count. The keyword car insurance has been searched 3979349 times last month.

The 3 sites ranked highest on the Yahoo search results will have millions of visitors. If the keyword phrase has many requests it also may conclude there are many competitors. Let’s do a search on Google with "car insurance". 251,000,000 pages found. It would be extremely difficult to compete with such a high ranking website for this keyword phrase.

3- Go back to Yahoo’s application and see if among the results we can find another interesting keyword phrase with a lower count. For example "affordable car insurance" sounds interesting to me with 6988 count and we still have our "car insurance" keyword phrase in it. The results on Google show 17,300,000 pages – still a high number of competing sites – but far less than car insurance. You can try with many different keyword phrases and try to get one with less than one million competitors. It will be time consuming to do it manually, however you can get software which will do it automatically for you.

4- Now we will examine the first 5 Google search results and study the websites with the keyword phrase "affordable car insurance" by doing the 7 steps above.

The first 4 websites have the keyword phrase in their title and those ranking lower do not. The website ranking fifth does not have the keyword phrase in the title but it can be found in the description. After observing more details of that website you can also see that the website doesn’t have the keyword phrase in the title, the meta description, meta keywords, the keyword phrase is not between the tags

and , it’s not in the first 100 words, not in alt tag on an image, not in the Url and so on.

This website is not well optimized and therefore developing a site or writing an article with more keyword phrases in the proper positioning will make it extremely competitive.

Studying the first 5 rankings will allow you to see if you can be more competitive. I suggest to use a free application which will allow a more efficient process to study the top 5 searches while showing their details with one click. Click here to get this powerful application and you will be able to study your competitors in few minutes.

The keyword phrase "affordable car insurance" still has many competitors (17,300,000).

What can be done to allow for a higher ranking on the search engines?

Using the Yahoo application click on the "affordable car insurance" keyword phrase. Now the application shows more keywords phrases from the "affordable car insurance" as an example: "affordable car insurance quote". Google shows 6,630,000 results - a substantial amount less and only the first website has the keyword phrase in it’s title.

To resume we started with the keyword phrase "car insurance" with 263,000,000 competitors then we look at "affordable car insurance" with 17,300,000 competitors and finally we have "affordable car insurance quote" with 6,630,000 results.

Again, it’s important to have these information from all search engines. Here we know how many times that keyword phrase was searched on last month on Yahoo only and the number of competitors on Google only. It’s why to guarantee your success you have to use one of the 2 professional tools recommended to get all information from many search engines.

Tool 1 (Watch the videos)
Tool 2

My little Secret

Don’t tell anyone but I am going to share with you my little secret for receiving extra traffic on my articles. As an example let’s assume I have a website or an article about car insurance.

The keyword phrase "car insurance" is competitive, popular and expensive if you want buy it on Google advertising. If you are like myself and are making money with ads or if you were to have a website about car insurance you just need to write an article with the keyword phrase "affordable car insurance" or and the keyword phrase "affordable car insurance quote".

It’s easy to have a good rank with these keyword phrases and in your article invite the readers to visit your website or your article about car insurance. It is also very probable that the readers who are interested in your article about affordable car insurance will also be interested in your article about car insurance. If you submit many articles about car insurance you will create more backlinks on your articles. This will result in an increase of your rank on search engines and boost your traffic.

If you submit articles on it’s easy because your article about affordable car insurance will automatically have a link on your car insurance articles and vice versa. Look at the bottom of the page and you will see a link to my other article about to How to write a keyword rich article.

Now you are ready to find the right keyword phrases for your rich keyword articles, allowing you to rank high on search engines and get thousands visitors!

Good luck!

Published: 2006-06-05
Author: Eric Raymond

About the author or the publisher
Eric Raymond has been Web Developer since 1999. His expertise and know-how, combined with his eloquent professionalism allows him to offer a wide range of high-end services such as: WebSite Design, Web Ranking, Web site optimization, WebSite Hosting, Domain name registration, Online marketing, e-Business, customized Web-based applications and more.

Visit his website for more details or to contact Eric Raymond.

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