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How to Convince Your Employees About Change?

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The torchbearer of change seldom has followers. If you are striving to bring about change in your business, then perhaps, it is a lone battle that you might be waging. Change is often perceived with suspicion and fear by people all over the world. A strong resistance to it is global and transcends every border and race. So, your organization is not an exception.

There are fundamental reasons why change is slang for many. Most of us perceive change as:
• No security
• No comfort zone
• More Hard-work
• Question mark over their competencies and capabilities
• Inefficient /unable to solve their problems (without trying)
• Last but not the least, unnecessary
It is amazing that in this ever-changing world, change is still a matter of great concern for many.
Your business would, however, benefit immensely from it. If you are wondering why your employees’ productivity has dropped irrespective of providing all benefits, then it is the fact that your employees have slipped in to the comfort zone that brings about only lethargy and boredom, eventually slowing down the best. Change becomes essential in such cases.

Change brings with it refreshing ideas and habits that lot of us fail to realize when opposing. A superb case in point would be the resistance of employees to world-class technology implementation as against using legacy technology. The fear of security and removal from comfort zone is so strong that the humungous benefits of an outstanding technology dwarfs in comparison. Organizations struggle to manage the employee discontent in the initial few months of such huge changes. However, as and when time passes by and the new technology starts getting older, the response is much better. In other words, as and when people start getting used to it and fall back in to the comfort zone, the acceptance gets easier.
Again, induced changes are an affirmation to the employee’s belief that things are not right. At least that is what most of us think. A common refrain is one does not bring about a change without things being bad. Therefore, a change in your business would almost always be perceived as a negative impression on your employees. An exception would be cases when things are really bad and no change can make it worse.

This is where communication plays a large role and a change management professional would help you do it. Change management in businesses is, therefore, a competency that should be built in. Change management makes the transition easier for the organization, both for the management and the employees.
Since every change is fraught with opposition, it should come as no surprise to you as a business owner that your best plans are thrown away by your unwilling employees. Nevertheless, the window of opportunity to win their trust is wide too. Getting them to be part of the process of change is an excellent way to lay off their fear and sense of insecurity. It is also an efficient way to proofread your blueprint of change for the organization from your experienced employees.

An involved and informed employee is a more willing supporter and becomes your ambassador for change!
Published: 2009-10-13
Author: Shilpa M

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I am Shilpa, a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles, blogs and fiction. I specialize in romance, relationships and fantasy fiction is my first love! My writing reflects the passion for words and dedication that has helped me delight and retain my customers! My greatest motivation is the fact that my words spell success for my customers!

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