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How To Get Rid of a Bad Habit


Habits die hard it is said .Habits are a result of programmed mental activity. This applies to both good and bad habits. If you try and analyse your habits you will find that some of your habits are good some are bad and some are neutral or in other words harmless.

How to get rid of a bad habit

Some habits are formed over a period of time. We know they are bad and may be harmful. Like the habit of smoking. All smokers know that smoking is a bad habit and can affect your health but still it is not easy to give up smoking.

Steps to kick off a bad habit

If you want to get rid of a habit you have to be firm with yourself. These are the steps which can help you.

Decide on one habit which you want to change.
Find out the reasons for getting into it.
If the habit is like smoking and drinking than read as much as you can on the bad effects.
Keep a record of how much and when you drink or smoke.
Set a target to reduce the frequency.
The target should be a realistic one. Do not plan to get rid of a habit in a day.
Keep focused.
Imagine the end result.

Imaging plays a important role in this. If you have a positive mental picture about yourself it will surely become a reality one day. A positive attitude and self discipline will help a lot.

Published: 2006-08-26
Author: Rupa Athawale

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I love to write articles and am working as a feelancer. I like to write articles on self improvement,beauty,stress management,case studies.

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