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How to Have a Beautiful Skin


Beautiful skin is a result of a regular life. Though this cannot be achieved over night, a planned regime would undoubtedly give you a beautiful skin for life. Skin care requires external and internal care. The diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin. These are the factors on which skin health depends.

A good diet
Regular skin care
An exercise regime
Avoid stress.

A Good Diet

A diet which is balanced and rich in antioxidants is very helpful. Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables is very crucial. This can in forms of juices, salads or cooked vegetables. Sprouts are also rich in vitamins. These should be included as salads or in sandwiches. A diet of cereals, pulses and vegetables should be taken on a regular basis. Another important factor which contributes is hydration of the skin. This depends on the water intake. Water flushes out the toxins and hydrates the skin.

Regular Skin Care

Skin needs regular attention. A daily routine of skin regime includes
Every day cleaning the skin is the first step in the morning and the last step at night. Toning with a alcohol free toner will keep the skin supple. Using a good day time sunscreen which provides protection from sunlight is necessary. At night cleansing the skin and applying a night cream is a must. Face packs can be used according the type of your skin .Exfoilation must be done at least once a week.

An Exercise regime

Any exercise gives your skin plenty of oxygen. This improves the blood circulation and tones your body. A simple walking routine in the fresh air will give you all this. This should be done regularly.

Avoid Stress

Physical and emotional skin can give you a bad skin. Take out some time to relax. Do not overwork. Stress damages your health and also gives rise to relationship problems. Deep breathing can reduce stress. Meditation can also be very useful.

All these steps can give you a beautiful skin. This can make you look younger .The important thing which you should do is to make it a regular habit of looking after your skin.

Published: 2006-08-07
Author: Rupa Athawale

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I love to write articles and am working as a feelancer. I like to write articles on self improvement,beauty,stress management,case studies.

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