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How to have a happy home

Happy home

The world greatest need is not money. The world greatest need is not a new idea or philosophy. It is not a new technology nor a new medical discovery or a new religion. We have seen these things over and over again. The world greatest need, is a happy home. New ideas,philosophy,technology,fashion, etc. with time will become out dated and old fashioned. As I travel from place to place, I have met people from different,races,cultures and background. I have discovered that one greatest desire most people all over the world have, is the desire to have a happy home. Irrespective of educational level,social status,colour or religious affiliation, nobody want to leave in a home where the is fighting,bitterness,quarreling,etc.
Statistics have it that the rate of divorce and domestic violence, have considerably grown over the years. This is as a result of unhappiness in the home. A lot of children have ran away from home because the home have become a battle Field rather than where love,peace and joy reigns. Most societal problem results from people who come out of broken home or home where there was no peace and happiness.
Unhappiness in the home have cause many husbands to alcohol,drugs an infidelity. While most wives have also taken to these vices as an escape route.The children have also gone into doing drugs,prostitution and other social vices to look for happiness.
But as I interact with so many people,I have come to realize that money can not buy a happy home. There are so many unhappy families and broken homes where money was never a problem. Money can buy a new car,new house,but not a happy home. When there is no happiness in the home,it affects every member of the family emotionally,psychologically,socially and otherwise. It can even affect ones productivity at work, business or school.


1. Lack of love
2. No time for family members
3. Insincerity
4. Lack of attention
5. Domestic violence
6. Sexual,verbal and physical abuse.
7. Infidelity
8. Financial difficulty

Wherever you find the above factors in a family,there is every possibility for unhappiness.
But my priority is to show us ways of having a happy home, as such I wouldn't be elaborating on the causes of an unhappy home.


1. LOVE: One of the greatest factor of a happy home is love. A home where there is love will definitely experience peace and happiness.

2. ATTENTION: This is also another ingredient in a happy home. It it very unfortunate that in most families,this is lacking. Some spouses don't give attention to each other. Even the children become victims of their parents tight schedules. When members of the family start paying attention to each other,it will give everybody a sense of belonging in the family.

3. SPENDING TIME TOGETHER: "Time",they say, "Is the most valuable asset we have on earth". But I think that the time spent with ones family should be the most valuable. Some families hardly spend time together. Everybody leaves home very early in the morning and comes back very late in the night and very tired to have time for anybody. A lot of people,especially the wealthy,try to substitute time for money,cars,gifts,electronics etc. Time have no supplement. We must find time to be together,if we want to have a happy family. Let me point out here that we can never have time until we create time for the family. I know that we are in an age where time is very precious,but nothing can be as precious as a happy home. If we must have a happy family,we must create time to be together,despite our tight schedules.

4. MUTUAL RESPECT AND UNDERSTANDING FOR EACH OTHER: A family where there is mutual respect and understanding for each other,fighting and quarreling is eradicated. Abuse of all kind is reduced to the barest minimum. When there is mutual respect and understanding,tension and friction in the family is reduced. Where there is mutual respect and understanding,peace and harmony becomes a normal way of life.

5. FAITHFULNESS: In a family where the couple are faithful to each other,there is no need for suspicion,bitterness and tears.

6. FORGIVENESS: Every member of the family must learn to forgive each other.Forgiveness spices up relationship. It is a very necessary factor in every happy home

7. SINCERITY: In a home where there is sincerity,there is trust. There is no room for suspicion, lies,doubt and pretense.

8. MONEY: Money is also very necessary in every family. Though it can't buy a happy home but it is a booster in most happy homes.

The home is a nucleus of the world. When a home is happy,it affects the world at large.When the home is happy,alcoholism,doing of drugs,violence and other social vices are minimized. After a hard and hectic day at work or school,every normal person will want to return to a happy home. Nobody wants to return to a home where there is problem and fighting.
The world greatest need is not new ideas,technology or cars. But a happy home. Money can buy a house, but money cannot buy a happy home.
Published: 2006-07-11
Author: andrew eli

About the author or the publisher
I was born in Port Harcout,the capital city of Rivers State in Nigeria some 34years ago. I did my primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt. I later joined politics. I was elected as one of the party ward officer and later a local government deligate.I was a personal adviser to a house of assebly aspirant and a local government coordinator for a presidential aspirant in 1991.In 1992 I went into private business.I have also been writing articles for a local magazine.I am also a pastor.

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