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How to host a website; Part 1

Ip address, TCP, web hosting, domain name server, dns

Web hosting is a web-based service where an individual or an organization can launch a website through the internet. Numerous things must be considered before a website is hosted. The foremost is the reasons behind hosting the website above how user-friendly the website is and an analysis of the target customers.

In general, a website is hosted to fulfill economic, informational and/or entertainment purposes. After initial assessment, the website must be registered with a centralized server called domain name server (DNS). The DNS, in return, allocates a unique combination of numbers called IP address, alternatively identified by a name in alphanumerical format.

Several companies offer free web hosting services to cater mostly to the needs of individuals who have just stepped into the business or for organizations on a trial basis where the services offered are limited. Based upon the requirements, one can upgrade to paid hosting to obtain bespoke services.

During the process of hosting, one must consider the costs incurring and the time required to host the website apart from the percentage of upload time guaranteed. However, the onus will be on the owner of the website that how well the web space is utilized involving advertisements and marketing.

To obtain a name for the website, one has to validate the name of the website with namespace, which is a name service provided by the Internet for Transmission Control Protocol /Internet Protocol networks(TCP/IP). After all the formalities like domain registration and naming issues, the website is ready for uploading.
Published: 2009-09-17
Author: Ravi Kumar

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