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How to lose Belly Fat?

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How to lose Stubbom Belly Fat
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It has been scientifically proved that losing abdominal fat is one of the most essential steps for a healthy and fit life. People realise that fat is unhealthy but they do not very often understand the fact that the way the fat is distributed is also very important. The people who have maximum fat at the abdominal areas are more susceptible to health problems like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes etc.

Here are three sure fire ways to get rid of that flab peering out of the corner of your trousers.

Proper Exercise – doing proper exercise that focuses on the entire body is required. A combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises works best and fastest for any type of body. Don’t make excuses for exercises by going in for a couple of days on the cardio lasting a mere 30-40 minutes. Rest assured you won’t be getting the toned, tight body if your resolve is that strong.

It’s always better to go for a full-body training program so that one knows where to work hardest. Doing loads of sit-ups, crunches or any of the “drawing in the belly button” exercises isn’t going to help much because these manoeuvres don’t burn lots of calories. The basic idea is to burn more calories than your intake. Some of the aforementioned exercises simply don’t have it in them to burn up body fat.

Acquiring those “killer six-pack abs” has almost nothing to do with training and everything to do with low body fat. Developing the abdominal muscles is not tough; the hardest part is to get the body fat lowered so that the abs shows.

The second point would be to Eat the Right Foods. It’s a known cliché, but the fact remains. A flat stomach is made in the kitchen and not in the gym. Having half-baked information can be especially difficult when you have the wrong half with you. It’s very difficult to get correct information regarding the proper diet because a person gets highly confused due to the bulk of information available.

Ultimately, there would be a few basic principles that can be safely followed for nutrition and weight loss. All of them work on the premise- burn more calories than your intake. A plethora of diet plans have flooded the market in the recent past and most of them are worthless. These plans are promoted as “new and revolutionary” approaches to weight loss. It would be really foolish to get seduced by these seemingly sure ways of getting the six-pack abs or the hourglass figure.

Finally, consistency matters. You would need to put in those hours of hard, gruelling work out in a single-minded manner. This is not something to be done when you are feeling bored or when you find some spare time. It would obviously be “difficult” to fit in that extra bit of time in your already packed schedule, but do it. If you don’t get time, stop wasting time being a couch potato or surfing mindlessly through the Internet.
Published: 2008-09-11
Author: Medha Behera

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