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Money is an instrument of exchange which came into existence ,when trade by barter could not meet with the desire of the man.
With the introduction of money frequent arguement and fight was reduced to the least,because money can pay for an item without it been disputed as money is the general accepted means of exchange, as money could measure the worth of an item.the logic is simple all traders agrees on a price and the consumer also accept the price of a particular item,as long it is affordable,but in a situation where consumer feels the price is too much for the said item,the consumer can revolt and the price will be cut down,this can materialize easily,if the article is not a monopoly product.

The form of money varies according to country,but the most common one is the paper form and coin form,different country calls their money different names,like U.S.A have the dollars,Britain have pounds,Europe countries uses euro,while Japan has yen.
These listed currencies are the major money used for international trade transaction,they are often reffered to as hard currencies.
Money is the instrument used in stratificating people socially in the society,as it put everyone in the position they occupy in the society.
Money in its real nature is strength, it command respect for individuals and break every rocky ground of impossibility to become possibility as it is clear that money answered all things.

Although money glorifies,a thing no one will ever dream of retiring from,so in order to remain in the apex of enjoyment,a man must carefully plan how he/she uses the money at his disposal, so he will remain on the mountain top of success,as it is a natural thing to see money gather wings and feeling away,it is no dream when it happen nor magic,it is because you prefer to lavish money than to plan with it.

Planning to retain wealth is planning,how to use money,so to actualize a never ending flourishing life a man must divide his money into four seperate places,put 30% of the resources into other investment,that is putting money in fixed deposit in banks or shareholding to generate a steady return,also invest about 40% into personal business to generate more income,then keeping about 10% for emergency and use the remaining 20% for feeding and up-keeping of the household.
In conclusion it is important to note that money is an humble servant,it all depend on how you treat it,you make money work for you and don't work for money,that is the secret of every successful wealthy man.

As a way of advice ,it is important to tell the youth,especially those that are just leaving their parent or about to leave their parent to stay on their own ,to how learn to labor like an elephant and feed like an ant.
Published: 2008-09-20
Author: igbinosa ikponmwosa

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am a new writer,how try to be poetic to add beauty to article especially essays,i can write on any topic

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