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How To Move from Third World to First in a Generation

Africa, economic development

Africa had a glorious past and contributed to the world great ideas in science, politics, and learning. Ancient Egypt was well advanced and bequeathed the world inventions such as the calendar, institutions like government, subjects like mathematics and medicine.

The picture of Africa today is different and today the continent is linked with poverty, disease, poor leadership, obsession with petty politics, tribalism and racism, lack of respect for human rights, lack of original ideas and apathy towards technology. Many African countries claim that their economies are agricultural based, yet they cannot feed themselves.

Africa and other emerging markets can move from third world to first world in one generation changing the way it approaches issues. We African people must change our attitudes towards many things in the modern world, if our continent is to prosper.

We must see ourselves as people who can give and contribute the solutions facing mankind today instead of relying on donor funds. This will make us more productive and even promote a culture of volunteering among us. To increase productivity, African nations must promote the culture of entrepreneurship. Today in Africa, entrepreneurship is viewed as being for the illiterate and for those who have been declared redundant in formal employment.

Except in Botswana, there are few African countries where governments have led impressive economic growth. Most governments in Africa just collect taxes and mismanage them while the people suffer. If governments in Africa became more accountable, Africa would develop since government have a high potential for mobilising resources for development. Africa lacks the strength to bargain world markets because every country wants to go it alone. Coming together in trading blocs is the only way Africa will reap the benefits of economies of scale in the world market.

It is impossible for African countries to move from third world status if their educational systems are not relevant for development. Instead of just teaching academic subjects, universities in Africa must come up with practical solutions to problems such as energy, food shortage and many others that face the people.

Women in Africa should be allowed and encouraged to excel as individuals with unique talents. Countries such as Rwanda have promoted the welfare of women right from the grassroots to parliament. This is a model that other countries should emulate.

Africa’s transformation from third world will be driven by technology. Africa must come up with easier, cheaper, better and faster ways of doing things. Africans should invent relevant gadgets to solve problems and to create solutions. For example, a machine to recycle plastics will be useful in Africa’s fast growing cities.

One way that Africa can realise enormous profits in the world market is to patent its vast intangible wealth. This would include songs, film, art, crafts and so on. As it is, anybody can collect African’s intangible wealth, patent it and go on to grow rich from it.

Africa must look for solutions from all over the world, and not just in Western Europe. This way, we can integrate such models with our models that reflect our reality. There is no way to develop without investing in our people. Only then, shall we stop looking for foreign investors and rely on our own people instead.
Only then will Africa move from third world to first world in a generation.

Edwin Maina
Professional Writing Service
Nairobi, Kenya
Published: 2008-09-24

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