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How to Organize a Celebrity Valentine Celebration

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With only a few days left to Valentine's Day here are some tips and hints on how to organize a celebration fit for a celebrity.

[Celebrity Designs]

The homes of the rich and famous give us plenty of ideas for lavish decorating. It doesn't have to cost very much. Here is how to get started:

Do some surfing and cast your net wide. Google some celebrity events. There are plenty of different sites and you could also try MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite and Infoseek to name but a few. Look for pictures of things that will appeal to the love of your life. If she isn't your love yet, then this is the opportunity to woo her with your uniquely innovative imagination. Sites featuring art collections will give you lots of scope to unleash your creativity. Print out your favourites and either put them in frames or store them where they won't get ruined.

Just be careful when using your search words because you may to routed to sites that are more exotic and erotic, rather than artistic in nature. An example of this being likely to happen is when you only type the word "nude", rather than nude of David. There are many beautifully romantic art collections around the world. You don't want to become side tracked and not have enough time to organize the ideas for your Valentine celebration, so focus on your chosen topics.

[Tips and Hints on How to Get Organized]

Organize a bunch of roses from your favourite flower market or florist. Write a little card, it can be as simple or extravagant as you want. Just a cut-out heart with the words, "you are special to me" can be as meaningful as lots of flowerey words. If you are inviting your true love to your place ensure that it is clean and neat. Turf out things that aren't needed and pack everything else away. Now is the time to put some of those prints on the wall and showcase your artistic talent. Make a list and go to the store to avoid that last minute panic shopping. Here are some ideas to show her who is the real Cupid targeting her heart. Show her that she is your celebrity.

[Breakfast for Two]

Whether in or out of bed, this is always a winner. Make sure you have her favourite selection of fruit. Serve lots of strawberries, cherries and black grapes with a selection of other fruit. Serve in pretty bowls and add a few scoops of yoghurt. Pour some juice or bubbly. Serve everything on a tray with a scattering of rose petals. And don't forget the bunch of roses and the card. You could tie them onto the personal delivery guy in a fun way.

[Nibbles to Set the Scene]

Here are some tips and hints for snacking or dessert. In some cases you may prefer your lover to be hungry enough to eat you. Then just stick to a few crackers and some bubbly.

The evening before, mix a packet of jello (red is good) according to instructions. Before refrigerating add some finely chopped pickled ginger. Cut some slices of the jelly and arrange on a platter or plate with some cheese and warm, crusty bread or crackers. Scatter a few rose petals on the rim of the plate or platter and add a few tea lights. Yummy with good coffee or wine.

You may also want to try dipping fresh strawberries into a rich, dark chocolate. Served on a tray with a scattering of rose petals and some tea lights this will definately set the scene for feeding and further romantic escapades.

[Gourmet Celebrity Chef]

Be her very own gourmet chef for the evening. Season some cooked chicken breasts with natural sea salt, pepper and a hint of herbs. Sear on both sides until crisp. Rest for a minute or two. Combine 2T rose-water, 5T rice-wine vinegar, 4T sweet chilli sauce (optional) and 1T honey. Serve the thinly sliced breasts on a bed of litchis and pour over the dressing. Serve with fragrant rice and a salad. Garnish with a few rose petals. Quick, easy and oh so romantic.

Above all remember that each day gives us the opportunity to treat someone like a celebrity. We are all uniquely special and celebrities in our own right. So celebrate - rise to the occasion. And enjoy your celebrity Valentine celebration.

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Published: 2009-02-09
Author: Veronica Hankey

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