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How to overcome TENSION


Mental Tension is related to psychology and human beings suffer from tension because of many reasons.One of the possible reason could be when some work is not going according to our wish and might be something is happening against our wish or the results of some event might be against our expectation and so on....

As this article deals with only the steps to be taken to overcome the mental tension so now we shall focus on this only.

We dont come to know as to how and when the tension might attack us, but still I am giving some 5 ways to overcome such tension. The only need is that the person who is suffering from tension should understand he is suffering from tension when actually he is suffering from tension and he has to realise because of what reason he is under such tension. For that just do these steps and then think about the reason. I have given the 5 steps just do this.

1> Take a few deep breaths and relax on a sofa. This may relieve your headache. Take a deep breath, hold it and then slowly let your head, arms and shoulder relax, as you exhale.

2> Brush your tension headache off. Put hair brush on your right temple and brush in small circles, working towards the back of your head. Repeat it on the other side. Then brush in small circles from the top of the head towards the back of the head. Brushing improves the blood circulation in the head, the lack of which may be causing the headache.

3> Exercising is a great way to keep off tension headaches. It tones up the system, improves circulation and generally makes you feel good.

4> Shut your eyes and relax. Just imagine you are lazing on a hammock close to a lake by the mountains. Hear the birds chirp and the wind rustle through the trees. In a few minutes your tension world have dissolved by thehealing powers of the mind.

5> Take a walk. Many doctors suggest walking as a way to reduce tension headaches, since the body releases endorphin, the natural painkillers.

These are the some steps to be followed.Try this.

The next question is that,is that it is necessary to take tension?.Whenever i feel that i am taking tension i just sit quiet and think, if i take tension or not then also the result will be same.Then why to take tension!Is't it is a simple solution for the tension takers like me!

Another simple way to come out of the tension is just take it granted that GOD IS THERE,And god will help you at any condition and god is the parent of world and we are his childrens. No parent does any bad thing to his /her child then how does the god will do bad for us!.Just leave eaverything on god and proceed forward.ANY WORK WITH GOOD THINKING WILL DEFINATELY GIVES GOOD RESULT.Just believe this and you will be out of tension.And for this you need to believe me!

So, how is the article? If u like please send me the feedback. If u don't like then also. If u have any problems related to tension then please write to me at
Published: 2008-12-08

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i am cool guy. I am interested in writing. My interested topics include pshychology, technical etc..


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