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How to pamper Ones Self!

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How to Pamper Ones Self

First things first; we need to write down a plan of action, so get to your key boards ladies or buy yourself a new pad and pen.

1) How to get the house to yourself?
2) Tell the husband and kids your doing a spring clean and need lots of help!
3) Give them extra pocket money
4) Get all cleaning products out
5) Switch on vacuum cleaner in TV room
6) Tell husband your mother is coming to help
7) Make lots of noise and sing hymns at the top of your voice

Now I am sure one of these will work, if not find your own equivalent, I am sure there are some things that will encourage them to vacate the family home. Once this is achieved, quickly put away cleaning products and vacuum cleaner. Lock all the doors, pull down the blinds (make sure cat is in and fed so you are not disturb by it’s wailing at the door) and prepare yourself for pampering. Now, gather all these products on the table from various places around the house….

1) Foot spa or bowl
2) Foot soak or some nice aromatherapy oils.
3) Large soft towel
4) Foot powder
5) Small bowl for fingers nails
6) Manicure set
7) Face pack
8) Skin toner
9) Coffee pot
10) Chocolate biscuits

Once these items are collected, go to the bedroom and pick out a nice set of clothes (ones that make you feel good and fit well) and place then out on the bed. Go into the shower or bathroom light candles and play some nice music (the kind the rest of the family don’t like you to play) from the bedroom with bathroom door open. Now you are ready to steal your daughter’s favourite shampoo and conditioner, use as much as you like, she will never guess it was you. After you have finished the hair process slip into the bath or shower with your favourite movie star or singer, right now this time is your own. Maybe before you go down stairs to finish the pampering a quick cold shower will tighten the skin and cool the ardour a little. Then go and fill the foot spa or bowl and put some warm soapy water in the small bowl for fingers.

1) Switch on your favourite weepy film
2) Get out the tissues
3) Make sure you are sitting comfortably
4) Put on face pack
5) Put feet in foot spa or bowl
6) Now fingers in small bowl
7) Leave for 15 minutes
8) Remove fingers and dry hand on soft towel
9) Remove feet and dry on soft towel
10) Gently sprinkle feet with foot power
11) Put on slippers
12) Wash off face pack and dab face dry
13) Apply skin toner and/or preferred face cream
14) Rub hands with lavender hand cream (lavender for relaxation)
15) Manicure nails
16) Pour second cup of coffee (I am sure you have finished first by now)
17) Finish chocolate biscuits (none should be left as evidence)
18) Walk through down stairs room with fingers on spray polish button
19) Get out cleaning products
20) Put cold flannel on head and lay on the settee/couch
21) When family returns ask them to get the paracetamol for your dreadful migraine.

This cannot be use to often but I have heard of women that get away with this about twice a year. Give it a go; at least it will be fun trying, have a nice pampering session.
Published: 2006-05-17
Author: Mel Moore

About the author or the publisher
I've been a Foster carer for twenty years and have worked/lived disturb teenagers, my inspiration comes from the children Ilived/worked with.I have written poetry for years and am now writing my first true-life novel and auto-biography. I have two books of poetry Which are;
Silent Witness ISBN: 0975830872
and Nature's Repose ISBN: 0975846426 Viewed or purchased at

My third book 'Psuedo Love' is released by Publish America, 7th June 2006

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