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How to prevent being raped


Rape is one of the most frequently committed crime in our society. Hardly a day passess, without the crime of rape being committed. Women,girls,men and boys are all victims of this crime.
But if you want to prevent or avoid being raped, you will need to follow these 7 steps.

1. Avoid dressing seductively: "Action", they say, "speaks louder than words". When a woman or girl dresses half-naked, she is saying through her action, "I am available to any man that needs me". When you dress seductively, you are exposing yourself to the danger of being raped.

2. AVOID KEEPING LATE NIGHTS: Any woman or girl who keeps late night is only inviting trouble to herself. This is because the night is a dangerous time to be out alone in the dark. It is a time when people hide under darkness to commit all kinds of crime.

3. AVOID ATTENDING WILD PARTIES: This is because when people are drunk or under the influence of drugs, they can do all kind of crazy things. EVEN RAPE!

4. AVOID DRINKING ALCOHOL: Avoiding alcoholic beverages is a very wise thing to do if you don't want to be vulnerable to rape. This is because when you are drunk, you are vulnerable to being raped. You can even wake up from your drunken state without recognizing the face of the person that raped you. Also, alcohol breaks your will power and makes you too weak to fight back.

SO many times, a lot of ladies have taking some people they had suspected for granted and have regretted it. If you are suspecting you are vulnerable of being raped at certain place or a persons house, you just have to avoid visiting such places alone.

6. REPORT ANY SUSPECTED MOVES: If you are suspecting anybody, don't try to keep it to yourself. Let somebody know your suspicion. No matter who this person is. Even if he is your father, brother, cousin, or friend. Don't take anybody for granted. Report him to some other person and seek counsel.

7. FIGHT BACK: If someone attempts to rape you, fight back with everything at your disposal. When I say, "Fight back", I mean with your teeth, fingernails and any other instrument you can lay your hands on. Also, if you have any opportunity to escape, please don't hesitate.

8. PRAY: I know that this may sound religious, but it is very important. Just in case you find yourself in a situation that you are about being raped, pray to God for deliverance. If you are baptized in the Holy Ghost start praying in tongues.

Published: 2006-08-09
Author: andrew eli

About the author or the publisher
I was born in Port Harcout,the capital city of Rivers State in Nigeria some 34years ago. I did my primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt. I later joined politics. I was elected as one of the party ward officer and later a local government deligate.I was a personal adviser to a house of assebly aspirant and a local government coordinator for a presidential aspirant in 1991.In 1992 I went into private business.I have also been writing articles for a local magazine.I am also a pastor.

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