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How to recruit

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It was my first day as a Human Resource Manager in this new company. My primary responsibility was to recruit employees for the various projects in the company as per the requirements stated by the project managers. Being an organization that provides off shore customer support to various information technology companies across the world, our staffing requirements are huge in number and my task of providing the required manpower for the projects was not any easy one. My first assignment was to recruit four hundred agents for a program called ‘INTUIT’. I had twenty days to finish this task. I briefed my team on the assignment, the process to be followed and how we would track our progress. My team was confident and I also felt the same.

Our pace in short listing candidates for the initial round of interview yielded good success rates and I was very happy with my team’s work. The next round of interviews with the program managers was also good and we had a good 50% selection rate. By the end of ten days we had about 60% of the candidates on board who would start their training session in the next few days. I was tracking my team’s productivity and counseled lagging members on how to accelerate numbers in order to fulfill the requirement well before the deadline. My peers were astonished to see the progress of my team and wanted to learn my strategy, although I had no great strategy in place. By the end of the 18th day we had 100% on board. Victory on the 1st assignment!!!! I went home delighted with the accomplishment.

Two months later this batch of recruits had failed the training test. The failure rate was a horrifying 53%! The company’s standards for failure were 18% and the industry’s standard of failure % was 20%. I had more than a problem here. My job was at stake! I sat with my team and poured over the reasons for this failure on an analysis we found that there was an alarming 80% of the 53% with serious problems in communication. The voice and accent training will prove futile for these candidates, as they cannot communicate in English. I started back tracking to find the roots of the problem, and these were the action points I came up with.

The problem statement: I had to identify the problem and the nature of the problem that faced me. Besides I was left pondering as to where do the problem exist. I was sure that the initial screening of candidates was not as per the company’s standards and my failure to check or random check candidates on a periodic basis was one of the primary reasons.
The art of multitasking: I was oblivious to the fact that accomplishment of this assignment means to achieve success not just with focus on numbers and deadlines but on quality as well. Periodic internal checks on the quality of candidates short-listed would have helped a great deal or lowered the failure rates to a large extent. Shared focus on target achievement and quality was the art of multitasking.

Critical success factors: My failure to comprehend the critical success factors was another reason. Analyzing the given resources and the time given to complete the assignment along with the parameters is the key to the success of the project in every way. Doing a comparative study with peers and colleagues on the progress or the lack of progress on the assignment give great insights for improvement.
Role of the Champion: I must say that the ‘role of the champion’ or my role in the completion of this assignment should have been well understood by me it was my duty to ensure that the team leaders under my command understood their roles in this project. Again it was not just the role or the single task to drive numbers forward but to recruit within the given parameters.
Listen to your team to instill responsibility for actions: Though I clearly knew my team failed to follow the instruction manual on recruitment. I had to admit that I was also responsible for this recruitment mishap. By listening to the team and claiming responsibility for actions I was able to bond well with the team and also weed out inhibitions of the team members. This gave me rich insights on the level of pressure that I can cascade on to the team to achieve a specific task.

Creativity and Innovation: The problem now required a lot of new ways of thinking and how to repair the damage. Listening to the team also gave us new solutions on how to recruit. We planned a workshop to train average candidates on communication and simultaneously started the process of short-listing new candidates. We averted candidates with less than average communication to non- voice processes and this helped us leverage on training costs.

In another fortnight we were again full on board for the project and this time the training results on failure rates were only 16%. Though I did not get a pat on my back for my work, I saved my job with the help of my action plan. This concrete plan served as my guide for the next three-year stint in my company where I was promoted to the role of a Senior Manager – HR! - point no: 5
Published: 2009-08-21
Author: Shirley Shivkumar

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