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How to Remain Productive in a Stressfull Working Environment

health and fitness , stress management

Stress comes about as a result of lack of favorable conditions in your working en vironment. Among this conditions are things like good relations with your workmates or your bosses or sometimes it is too much strenuous work that you can not even have the time to have your body to regain the power that it uses when you work or sometimes you can’t even get the chance to straighten up your back or the other parts of the body so that they don’t get damaged for staying in the working position for long periods of time

Sometimes it can be the brain, you write for the whole day nonstop, for the whole week and then for the whole month and then for the whole year. This overloads the brain and the other parts of the body the are involved in the kind of work you might be doing looking like this you start loosing the morale slowly by slowly.

If you don’t do something to improve these conditions, they will slowly start sticking and affecting your life. And thus, when you can’t find something to interesting or that can provide you with the fun that you need in your work that you need inside you to get rid of the stress, there is always nothing left apart from living with the stress and again perhaps because you don’t have any way of enjoying what is going on at your place of work, you will slowly start losing interest in your work and hence you will just be working because conditions force you to work and you can not realize when you are going wrong at work. Whether your production is up to standard or not, it won’t matter very much to you. Your problem will be just to report at work on time and then wait for closing time Whatever goes on about work, you won’t be involved effectively .You will perhaps not even notice that you are just waiting for time to pass and perhaps you will slip unknowingly and get sucked.

So, if you want to remain productive in such stress filled environments, you will only have to become the opposite of what we have just read about above .Try always to be in a good mood of work. Avoid all the talk that can lead you into crossing other workers ways plus the senior staff .Try to keep the mood at work always good by watching what you say and your actions towards other people .If you become a friend to them, you will have friends. But if you keep quiet and keep everything to yourself, to won’t even get a rumor of what is going on in the company apart from work.

The best remedy for all this problems is for you to set some targets for yourself in your work. This will help you to heal the stress by converting it in to the activity of chasing your targets, you will busy your self enough and have your time filled up with reasons and causes the bring about the production of more activity and perhaps enough fun in your work .It will also help you to maintain the quantity of your production and if you continue to flatter your self that way in the end you ill find yourself gaining the power to out do the stress and the conditions that cause the stress in your working environment. If you continue setting targets for yourself and sticking to following them always, the little that you will be going every day will surprise you when the days grow in to months and the months, grow in to years .It is the most effective way of healing stress in your environments.
Published: 2008-04-13
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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