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How to stop the tantrums

Children , crying

It has come to my attention that my three year old daughter thinks she is the boss in our house hold, I can honestly say sometimes she is.

I needed a present for my three year old Kaitlyn a little friend at school, was having a birthday party the next day. I was given strict instructions on what to get, even down to the color of the doll, I couldn't believe it this was my daughter telling me I had to go and get this purple little doll that crys when you clap your hands, but it has to be purple, so I gave in and got the doll.

Everything was fine and I did well, however little did she know that I had a little training in mind for her, to realize that she can't speak to me and think she cant boss me around like that ,i understand that she needed a present to take to school, but it was the smart comment with it that got me , it was like do this mummy or else.

When my little miss got home I had a list of things for her to do, like tidy her room and put the clothes in the wash, which she didn't like at all, that’s your job mummy not mine. It was time to start my training I thought.

Kaitlyn things have to be done in order for you to become a little young lady that people will notice that you are a well organized person, and mummy can't do things for you all the time. Well the look I got back was just unreal, no way I will not do that.

So I put her in time out and told her that she has three minutes to think about what she has said and how to fix the situation, and not to speak to mummy that way, I had to get back the respect that she once had in me.
Young girls these days get away with so much, and like me, mothers just give in to what they want, well from this moment on I have made a pact that I was to teach her that she can't talk to me like that and to have respect. Well she cleaned her room and yes she took her washing out to the laundry and I was shocked, I new she could do it, she has just got that nature, and I had to teach her now before she got really used to me doing everything for her, better to start them young I say. And her manner was looking up again as well. I just have to remember to keep her doing things like that, it will be hard but she will get there.
So for her effort I gave her a lollie, because she was so good.

I have found in life that if you want to be respected I have to do my part to and help her in ways that she knows is right from wrong, that is the way I was taught so now I’m teaching her, I know it will be a long time in training but that is what mothers are all about , and I’m still going to let her be a little girl , don't think that I’m going to let my little girl try and be miss perfect because she’s not, I will just let her know that when she is wrong about things to show her the right way in a positive manner and praising her is the best as well, then she knows she is on the right track and she will keep on doing it , because now I believe that being positive about things and praising her when she is right will go a long way. I also believe that I will get the respect from kaitlyn I deserve because she loves doing things for me now, and the best thing is that we do it together. And we now have that mother and daughter bond thing going, I don't know how long for mind you but its working for now.

Published: 2006-04-08
Author: Deborah Pleydell

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Deborah Pleydell

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