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How to surprise your second half with an anniversary gift

Anniversary Gift

After many married years choosing an anniversary gift is not always an easy thing. You don’t want to give the same present twice or get into trouble by buying the wrong perfume. Every year my wife and I do something special for the anniversary. We sort of have an informal agreement. We each take turns surprising each other. On our anniversary last year, for example, she surprised me with a trip to Hawaii. To this day, I don't know where she got the money, but apparently she had been scrimping and saving for quite a while. Without a doubt, it was the best anniversary gift that I ever received.

This year, I don't have as much money for anniversary gifts for her. I have only put away a couple hundred dollars – a mere pittance compared to a tropical vacation getaway for two. Nonetheless, I want to get her something very special. There are many different anniversary gift ideas, but just picking out one thing is not enough.

For me, presentation is as important as the wedding anniversary present. I have to make sure everything goes together perfectly. If I decided to get her a ring for an anniversary gift, for example, it would not be enough to just put it in a box and wrap it up. Maybe I would have her go on a scavenger hunt where, as the last prize, she got the ring. Perhaps I would leave the anniversary ring sitting on the table or on her nightstand for her to find when she least expected it. It doesn't exactly matter that much what the surprise is, as long as it really charms her.

Of course, sometimes the best gifts for anniversaries are handmade ones. A few years ago, for example, I made her a book. It wasn't just any book. It was a collection of poetry, photos, and pictures all about us and our relationship. It was handmade, and done in beautiful calligraphy. To say that she was blown away by it would be understating the case. She was absolutely shocked. She adored it. To this day, she still keeps it on her bedside table.

Picking out the right anniversary card can also make a big difference. Don't just stop at the drugstore before the event to look at anniversary cards – find one that is very special. After all, if you put all that thought into the anniversary gift, you should at least put some thought into the card. If you don't, it seems like you have let both yourself and your wife down.
Published: 2007-09-17
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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