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How to use mirrors to decorate your place

interior decorating home improvement mirrors small space

1.Don't be afraid to use a lot of them

Really it's hard to have too many.
Smaller mirrors can be placed next to each other, the same way you'd hang a few picture frames together, creating very interesting effects.
Bigger mirrors complement each other, especially on opposite walls, playing with each other's reflection.

2. Be careful with the height

Ideally, a mirror should be placed at eye level. Again, the same rules you should follow to hang picture frames apply to mirrors.
Small detail: Is "eye level" the same for you and everyone else in your home?

3. Playing with reflections

There are essentially 3 things you want a mirror to reflect:

* A window
Especially if you only have a single window in the room or if the windows are small. As nice as the effects of artificial lights can be, you're going to want to capture as much daylight as possible to make the room seem brighter and bigger.

* Another mirror
For the same reason you want the reflection of a window: this intensifies the daylight and makes the room seem brighter and more spacious.
At a certain angle, you'll also directly be able to see the reflection of the mirrors into each other creating the "infinite" pattern.

* An object
If you have a certain piece of decoration that you'd like to be noticed more, a mirror is one of the tools that will help you achieve this, multiplying the effects of your decorating ideas.
Also, placing candles in front of mirrors multiplies the effects of the light, helping to achieve a unique calm and soothing atmosphere.

4. Mirrors you must have in your home

You absolutely need:

* A mirror as large as possible in your bathroom over your sink. The smaller the bathroom, the bigger the mirror should be in proportion!

* A full-length mirror in your bedroom. This will help you greatly in the morning when you get dressed

* A mirror as close as possible to your front door. Because you know you'll want to take a quick look at yourself before going out in public or opening the door to a guest.

5. Good places to shop for mirrors

This really depends on what you're looking for.
A lot of people might be satisfied with the basic mirrors they can find in big retail stores.
If you're looking for some very specific type of mirror, say an antique type, you might want to visit a lot of stores or even consider looking on auction websites.
Published: 2006-11-30
Author: Nate Anderson

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