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How to use the business credit cards

business credit cards

People arguing for the fun of it

Have you ever met a person that will argue any point just for the sake of arguing? I worked with two guys that had this type of personality. The two of them could debate an issue for hours, and each thought they knew more than the other. I tried to avoid both of them when they were into one of their discussions. I learned that if I needed a fast answer to a question I should not ask either on of them. If you started talking to either one the other would some how find a way to join in and take the opposite point of view.

Letter to use the company credit card

One day the two of them were discussing how difficult it was to use our business credit card. One of them felt it was too time consuming to have to take along the form letter that authorized the use of the card. He felt that we should each have our own business credit cards. The other worker was arguing that this would be too confusing and that people would be tempted to use the cards for personal use. We work for a social service agency so there are times when we need to purchase something for one of the kids we have in foster care. When a child turns eighteen there are funds that are available to purchase household items for the child to move out on their own. This is always a fun shopping trip to take them on to pick out dishes and small appliances and bedding and towels. Usually I would set aside one day to do the shopping. I would get authorization to use the business credit cards and would take the letter given to me by the accounting department. The letter along with my employee identification was all I needed to have the business credit cards accepted.

Using your own card and being reimbursed by the company

One day when I was shopping with one of the foster children we were unable to find a set of pots and pans. The last store we went to was having a big sale so we had planned to buy them there, however they were sold out. A few days later I was at the same chain discount store in another town and found the pots and pans. I put the charge on my personal credit card and turned in the receipt for reimbursement. The accounting department told me that this was acceptable. One of the accounting clerks told me that this would be how she would do it if she took the kids shopping because you do not have to bother with the authorization letter and you get the rewards points on your credit card. They pay expense checks twice a month so you can always get reimbursed before your credit card payment is due. This was a great idea, I no longer use the business credit cards I get reimbursed for my personal one.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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