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How to write an Article


How to write an Article

As the Internet culture is growing day by day, huge crowd of Freelancers can be seen. In my opinion, very few of them know how to write properly. As the scope to be published is very high, most of the writers do not know how to write. From the data, which I have gathered, I am going to tell how to write an article. There are certain steps which one should follow while writing an article.

Steps to follow-
1. What to write

• Finding good ideas
• Analyzing market
• Matching those ideas to market
• Checking writers guidelines
• Selecting theme

2. Sending a query letter

3. Research for the article and outlining it

4. Writing and submitting

So, first we will start with the first step,

1. What to write-According to Gordon Wells: "...anyone can do it. You don't need to be a literary genius - that could indeed be a disadvantage. You don't even need to have done well at English at School. Editors are more interested in good ideas than beautiful phrases." So, while writing, one should find out good ideas or proper frame to write an article. It is much important than those beautiful literary compositions. Before writing an article, writer should always analyze the market as what the readers or the publishers want, he should know the requirements of the intended group. The article writer has to match his ideas with the market. Every Publisher has certain rules or norms about article publication , article writer has to check those guidelines before selecting a theme for the article. Selecting a theme for the article is another important thing for the article as the article is based upon the theme.

2. Sending a query letter-Query letters for the articles show that you are a professional writer, and save time and money. Many magazine editors do not even accept unsolicited articles, but will look at query letters from freelancers. Sending a letter first to see if an article idea interests the editor can be done much more quickly than researching and writing a whole article. If you send an article instead, you run the risk that the editor may not even read it and that it may not be returned. You may also have spent a lot of time and money on research.

3. Research for the article and outlining it-After sending the query letter and getting confirmation (if needed), research for the article should be the started. Detail research should be done for the entire article and after that outlining should be done. Research can be so fascinating that it can be difficult to leave it and actually write the article! It is also much easier these days because of the Internet. Researching on the Internet saves time and can usually be done from the comfort of your own home. However, it is not often possible to do all the required research on the Internet. Encyclopedias, reference books, interviews with experts, brochures – all of these are useful. In this lesson, I hope to give you some tips to make your research faster and easier. After researching, outlining is to be done for the article.

4. Writing and submitting-This last lesson concerns editing and submitting your article. Many beginners hate editing and re-writing, and, as, it is difficult. It can be hard to part with phrases and paragraphs with which one is especially pleased, however editing is probably the most important part of the whole process. It can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. After this submission is done in the proper channel.
Published: 2006-08-03
Author: kasturi mishra

About the author or the publisher
I am a Freelancer having 11 years of experience and a Gold Medal holder in Journalism & Mass comm. Mail me at

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