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How Will i Spend 1 million Dollars

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‘Money makes the mare go’ is a famous saying. Crores of people live from hand to mouth. We often hear elderly people advising young ones to forget the past, ignore the future and care for the present. But there is hardly anyone who has no ambition for a higher status. This constant struggle for higher position sticks to man till the last day of life. This struggle in fact, is essential for achieving the more pious objectives in life.

I belong to a middle class stratum of the society and can never think of about 1million dollar. But God has its own ways. Who knows! I might win a lottery. But if I manage to get the fabulous wealth I shall try to spend it in most judicious manner so that I am able to derive maximum pleasure out of it. Like any human being I have unlimited dreams but limited amount of wealth. I want to spend the money donating towards the nation because people living here are very poor, changing my state and introducing some changes in the society. At last but not the least I want to contribute something for my family and for me.

First of all I would purchase the cards made by poor children by some money. UNICEF has made several organizations that are working internationally towards children who are orphan. By this I would help my country to become a better nation for the children.

Then I would like to donate some amount of money to CRY or SOS village. I would give the children their common comforts of life. By this I would help my state in becoming a better place to live in.

People living in the society do not get proper education so as a part of my life I would I would give donation to a govt. school in form of bags, books, bottles, etc. which they haven’t seen yet. I would give a donation to local dispensaries in the form of medicines that are working for poor people. In my neighborhood I would like to purchase few beautiful plants because there is no use of money if we just waste it for our comforts. The plants would give fresh air. I would donate money to a temple. By this my inner self would be satisfied.

People say that after earning money the gap between families becomes wide. That is why I would take my family along with my grandparents to a pilgrimage place through airplane. I would take my Grannies too because in my childhood they only taught me moral values which guided me in becoming a good citizen. After coming from there I would frame my whole family’s photo in gold frame.

For me I would purchase a set of famous books, as I always wanted them. For my friend I would give her a surprise by buying the reader digest and taking a membership of her favorite magazine. She would be very happy.

I would change everything but not my God which are made up of sand. There would be people who would jeer and mock at utter foolishness of spending 1 million dollars but a man gets spiritual happiness by helping the poor. In case If I get this handsome amount then I will give myself peace of mind in donating. I shall not waste a single penny in idle pursuits but utilize last penny for good of needy and my family. May God grant me a huge fortune and sense to spend it in constructive method explained above!
Published: 2008-06-22
Author: Nishtha Singh

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