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Human Evolution: What is the Truth?

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The genetic design that makes up the characteristics of man and woman is a very complex debate. There are evolutionists that claim man kind came from the gradual changes of certain animal life, going back centuries ago. I personally don’t believe this and I don’t see how anyone could. There is a higher power that created all life and anyone can see that with there being such a complexity that makes up the genetic and physical structure of the human being. It is therefore logical to assume that it would take a power possessive of far more intricate intellect, than anything on the earth consists of to create life as it is known. How it can be said that we were once possibly monkeys is beyond my personal interpretations and is something that I will never believe. Here again, although there are traits that are recognizable, I believe this is because we all came from one higher force, a presence that loves life and created it in a fashion that is representative of that love so therefore every living thing has one thing in common, to me personally anyway.

The many theories of evolution have all been heard before but there is not hard evidence to back up these claims, especially the one where man was supposedly derived from an ape. If this were to hold any truth and human form did actually come from the ape family, through an adaptation process, why then are there still apes? Would not all of the apes have adapted into man as he is known today if anything that evolution teaches is true at all? I think they would have so this is one of the reasons I choose to not believe in evolution. I’ve never read anything in any book that try’s to answer this question either, and to me this simply validates my own personal point. If there was any logical explanation as to why there are still apes, when it is claimed that we as humans were suppose to have developed from them, then there would be a clear explanation somewhere by someone. It just seems non-viable to me and something from a science fiction novel.

It might be true that human genes and characteristics are very similar to those of the ape family but there can be a precise explanation found for this theory besides the ones claiming our genetic lineage is hereditary to the ape family. This discussion runs into many barriers because on one hand there are the scientific explanations to man kind’s existence and on the other hand you have the Christian view of how life developed and how man and woman came into being. Both of these theories are totally opposite one another and though they both hold some clear information about life and all living things, I only follow one belief system and just refuse to believe in any form of evolution at all.

This is an age old debate and one that seems will never end since there is always going to be a difference of opinion found. I believe that there are just some things in the world that aren’t meant to be known to us but yet we keep seeking an answer that more than likely will never be found, not while we live and breathe on this planet anyway.

I personally don’t believe in any form of the creation of life besides the Christian one since I was raised in a family with strong Christian morals and values. If I were to start believing that we are an evolved species that initially lived in the ocean, then adapted to land, became cave men, and then finally ended up as being a multicultural society, then I would be committing hypocrisy on my own self and belief system, not to mention denying everything that I had been taught to believe in for my whole life. I believe that all living things came into being from a much higher power than any living organism on the earth holds. I believe in the biblical teachings, in Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden. I believe that there is a God and we all came from his loving plan. If I believe in the creation of anything I believe that in some ways we are all related to one another on this earth because we all were created from the first two people that God himself designed.

We didn’t come from Apes or fish but rather we came from the vision of the Lord, from the earth itself. Well, man came from the earth and woman was formed from a part of man. When I state this it is not implying that women are inferior to men because indeed they are not. All I am saying is, from the Christian teachings it is understood that God chose to intertwine man and woman by taking one rib from Adam so that Eve could be created.

This theory opens up a whole new debate. In the world there are people who are not heterosexual beings but rather homosexual. Now some people would ask a Christian person, if God is so perfect why are there people who are so different? Life is not perfect, and sin is what created imperfection. This is my view as to why some women and men are not considered to be the same or in the norm. This by no means is saying that they are evil people because they are not, they are simply unique. Now a scientist would claim it has something to do with this chromosome and that one not being compatible, etc; but how do they really know that? Science does not have the answer to everything, and life can not be pointed to evolution wholly, though some things might be able to be associated with that theory.

I understand for those who are not Christians or who do not share in this belief system that it seems very much like a fairy tale but then so does evolution to me. This is the point where the Christian faith comes in to the picture. Scientists and Evolutionists have similar processes to try and validate their belief system. I believe that you don’t doubt in something that you have been raised to believe in for your whole life and as I said, Evolutionists share this wisdom. They have been deciphering the path of man kind for decades and have been studying this theory for so long that of course they are going to strongly believe in it, just as anyone would. Just as theorists talk of their belief systems and why things are the way they are, Christians discuss why they have such a strong belief the way that they do about the creation of man and woman, as I personally do this as well.

Human beings have to find faith in something in order to find a reason for living. It is just human nature to believe in something that depicts how we were created, whether it be from a Christian perspective, scientific, or a mixture. A person with a strong Christian faith won’t be side tracked from their original belief system and although there might be questions on the human race’s creation, it is faith that keeps a Christian from doubting in their idea of how life was initially born.

The question as to why some men and women don’t develop the way that they should has been mentioned earlier but here again, it is not very easy to try and understand this. However, my personal view point on this is very simple and easy to understand. There are times in nature when genes do not mix correctly and the life born is termed a ‘freak of nature’ by the majority of society. There is no perfect answer to this other than to say the development of life has never been perfect, especially when sin is in the picture. Not only do some men and women have both sex organs but there are also cases were babies are born with webbed hands and feet or missing parts of their spine or all of their brain.

This is all just a part of life and again sometimes genes and chromosomes get a little misshapen and out of place. The same instances occur in the wild as well. Thought scientists would like to term everything that is hard to explain, sometimes the best solution is to just accept life for what it is and to not judge it or try and categorize it. Once this starts happening, everything begins to become blurred and questionable. I don’t believe one living human soul, at one time or another hasn’t questioned how creation began or why some people develop the way they do.

These are all just natural occurrences of life and although we would like to have the answers to all of the questions involving the creation of life it is something that will never happen. So why not just accept life as it is and simply be happy to have been born. One day all of our questions will be answered. This is how I view the equation of life and the creation of man and woman.
Published: 2006-04-14
Author: Misty Keith

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Misty Keith is a wife and mother of three. She has been published in many venues on the web, as well as one print publication. Currently she works for clients, assisting them with academic papers of all genres. She can write in non-fiction, fiction, horror, romance, inspirational, motivational; basically all creative styles are a familiarity for her. Creativity and Inspirational are her favorite styles.

Misty Keith

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