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Humans or animals?

humanism, abuse of superiority, people and humanism, acts of human beings

We people of the society are called to be as human beings. According to the bible, God created us just like how He looks like in physical appearances, He had also given us the skills and abilities that other creatures do not have.

We maybe look like humans in our physical appearances but the way we act is worse than animals. We have the ability to reflect what would be the result of our actions, either its right or wrong and/ or bad or good…. We also have the ability to distinguish from right and wrong but why there are still many who choose not to do the right thing?

In the year of 1861, the life of a hero and a legend begins. Dr. Jose P. Rizal, who is our national hero was against on the how the Spaniards govern our country before. Our situation during our colonization by the Spaniards motivated him to write his two novels entitled, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. In these two novels, he showed the diseases of the society and of the people and also the defects of the government. It reflects the other side of humans. An act of a terrible animal which is done by human beings just like what we call to ourselves.

Today, instead of decreasing crime rates but because of some of our bad attitudes among them are greediness, selfishness, etc. we kill people, rape people and many other things even if they are our own blood, best friend or anything as long as they are your opponent or enemy on something.

The day before yesterday, I’ve heard from the radio on how their election in Abra goes. One party kills another party ad / or their supporters just to secure that you are going to win the upcoming election. Those political killings in this place has ever been resolved, the issue before are still the issue today. The question is, why do people do those things? I’m not sure of the answer, only those people who d such thing can answer that question. But through my observations, I can hardly say that the answer lingers in our head, it’s up to us on how we see and judge those things…

In relation to this topic, I quoted some of the lines of the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley,
It Matters not how strait the gate
How charged with punishment the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

If we really are pour own master and captain, watch out world! What seems so right is, in fact, heresy- the one I consider the most dangerous heresy on earth. What is it? The emphasis on what we do for God, instead of what God does for us…
-- Charles R. Swindoll,
The Grace awakening

Most people see themselves as “masters” of their own fate, “captains” of their own souls. It’s an age-old philosophy deeply ingrained in the human heart. And why not? It supports humanity’s all-time favorite subject: SELF.

Everything in this world we think that it all revolves around us; it’s like we are the only people in this world. We don’t really think about others but ourselves. One great example of this are those politicians, it’s only during election that you can see to some of them their sincerity and effort t help the people, giving promises that they are going to do this, that, those, etc. but when they are elected to the position they wanted, all of their promises are all forgotten and were all buried to somewhere else that you can never find and that it will never happen even in your dreams. It can also lead to forgetting their job as what they had been elected for.

In the convenience of our home/ houses, we think that there’s nothing bad we are doing… If that’s what you think, well, think again and try to reflect to yourself. A boy was playing with his dog but then suddenly he kicked and beat him with a stick because the dog didn’t do what he had told him to do. Is that correct? That you just beat the dog when the dog disobeys you? The dog is not like us, they don’t have the ability to think harder that their limitations and easily understand what you are telling them. And that’s the difference between humans and animals. Even us, we have the ability to think well, analyze, and understand well but why we don’t understand the animals are saying? It’s because we are not perfect, nobody is perfect, the same as to animals. Maybe it’s okay for the boy the to do it because he’s too young that he don’t realize what he is doing but how about us, those adults who do the same thing? When they go home and the dog was barking at them, they already kicked or beat the dog without considering that the dog might not recognize them and that the dog are just doing their job as the guard of your houses and your family.

Another are those who commit abortion, most of them say that their reasons of doing such thing is because of the following:
First is the baby is the product of a rape or a rape victim who wanted to forget everything in order to start a new life, thinking that abortion might be the answerfor her to leave the past behind. Second is the product of premarital sex and/ or what theyu call one night stand, and there are many other reasons….Do you think that it is the right thing ti do to correct what had made or what you had made?

Morality plays a big role to everything we do and everything we think. However, we must consider that we are the agents of our own actions and it depends on how we think and conceive things and/or what are our perceptions to things. More often than that, we say that the world has so many problems to the fact that we are the came of our own problems, it all came from us even the problems of other living things around us.

We create our own problems but if we only we could change our attitude, we might also change and abolish our problems. If we could only forget about greediness, and other things that destroys ours and others lives, we might be living a good, peaceful, and a better way of life, without enemies and problems that threatens our lives…..

Published: 2007-05-15
Author: Christian Langbayan

About the author or the publisher
I am a student, currently enrolled in the University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines. I have made some articles but I did not passed them to any publisher or websites. I am now doing an editorial and election cartoons for the contest of the local newspaper in baguio city, the Midland Courier.

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