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Id on the Rocks

poem, rhyme, alcohol, morbid, dark, id, wine, beer, truth, sex, violence

Id on the Rocks

Liquid truth inside this cup,
Clear and still and cold, like air,
Cradled in a frozen hand,
To soon drown lips without forbear.

Bleaching past and present thoughts,
Distracting what, when, where, and who,
Unchaining lies and untold reals,
Flowing till’ a course is through.

False warmth spills to flesh inside,
Cold blood trapped in what is real,
Guiding taboo fluids on,
Hungry needs awake -- to feel.

Eyes meet eyes, quick lust arise,
Skin to skin, a selfish grin,
Love and loyal are placed away,
Poisoned minds concede to sin.

Promise smothered by a fib,
Harmless once, yet not again,
Secrets slip through sloppy words,
Difficult to make an end.

Blame provokes a livid soul,
Cuts and bruises start to form,
Lonesome in a corner room,
Thoughts marinate in fear and scorn.

A tortured mind through laggard time,
Crawls sanguine passed a slothen beast,
A spirit comforts trembling hands,
Soon reason hides so wrath can feast.

Sharp solution in a palm,
A toneless breath through biting teeth,
Placed across a stilly maw,
Crimson falls and stains beneath.

Confusion through dark space, thin walls,
Offspring lie in un-made beds,
No villain from the shadows come,
To howl and shriek and shake their heads.

Published: 2006-05-01
Author: Ian McDonald

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