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If do No Corruption Than What?

New taxes make people corrupt

If do No Corruption than What?

Ms S Kalpna Sharma

My husband is serving and I am a housewife. Despite having good salary of a middle income group family, my household budget is day by day crashing under the heavy weight of newly imposed taxes, rising sky rocking prices and uncontrolled escalation. How in his wisdom, Mr P Chidambaram thinks that his western nations oriented pleasing economic liberalization policies are not affecting a common man in India? How could he sleep after snatching away the only a time morsel earned from the mouth of so called poor? We all intelligentsia are to be blamed for being silent sufferers.

Anyhow, Mr PM has announced on 01 February 06, that the economic liberalization tempo would not be slowed down. Well done! But at whose cost Mr PM? The present pace of your policies with sky high prices is only going to open new avenues of theft, loot and plunder for the new job seekers. The junta has left no option for the unemployed to earn respectfully. When poor finds no respectful job to earn, he indulges in snatching his right and that is what we are going to create our future societies where only businessmen would prosper.

Infact, the common man is being hit so hard that he would not be able to live respectfully. The service tax is ultimately collected from common man only. The august readers would agree that service tax in cable TV, household goods, electricity, telephone, edible oil, raw material and what not is all being charged from you. No businessman is paying anything from his profit. Mr Economist had embedded another long screwed tight nail in the coffin of a house wife's budget. It has increased your house budget by over a thousand rupees. Today, a common man of Indian leaders is a schedule caste, schedule tribe or other backward classes but none looks who is really common. The left parties as usual only harp, befool Poor’s and enjoy the fruit of rule.

Had Mr Economists of this country have forgotten that ultimately each penny of service tax on education, stationary, railways fairs, air tickets, bus travels, patrol, school fees etc is only drained out from the pocket of a common man? In my computation I, with current salary of nearly rupees 20,000/ of my husband can barely manage daily household needs. What about you Mr PM? If I find extremely difficult to manage my small family of three children, God knows, how poor would be able to manage? When we are paying the Income tax and service provider is paid from this tax than why should there be a service tax? I end up coughing up over rupees one thousand only as service tax.

It would be pertinent to mention that if a normal government official does not take bribe than how is he going to meet his two ends of family life? The so called Mr Economist of India is really a man without vision. Behind the curtain functioning of our government policies is really going to succeed in removing the poor and not the poverty. The current tax base had hit the hardest to the officials. They are only brining high stress, miseries and dissatisfaction with in their own family life from offices. Anyhow, it does not affect the corrupt. There is a need for the judiciary too to analyze the effect.

I would like to share my household budget with the readers that out of Rs 20,000/- salary, I end up spending every penny of it without saving. The government and wise people would say, what is the need of saving? I leave it to readers to review. The school fees of children including hidden charges like service tax is over Rs 5000/-, patrol expenditure including fare to and fro is over Rs 4000/-, other social commitments is over Rs 3000/-, management of house is over Rs 7000/- which includes milk, ration, eatables etc. In addition, the electricity and water bills bury you under Rs 2000/- to Rs 2500/-.

If this is my budget, than how Indian Government thinks that a policeman, clerk, education friends and class four employees etc who are drawing just rupees three to five thousands would manage? Where should I look in future for any reprieve and from which government? It is a matter of grave concern for the citizen of this country to know as to how a simple house wife would manage his family budget? In the name of liberalization our leaders have forgotten that they have to feed over a half billions undernourished population in the country of Gandhi, who earn less than Rs 500/- a month.

I openly ask Mr Finance Minister please tell us as who is ultimately paying the new taxes? As a common housewife, I see that every item of necessity has become 10.2% dearer to me as service tax. Mr Economist, you had ruined the fabrics of a common man’s happy life. Rather, the new budget has really made us to worry as to how to meet the ever rising price index from cooking gas to onion.

First of all, I would say that as it is no one wants to believe that there can be any honest man in this country but I feel the government is solely responsible for forcing the government officials to become corrupt. Do the officials have any option not to be corrupt? If they do no corruption than what should they do to live? If yes, then advice how a special police officer (SPO), education friends on Rs 1500/- salary, simple clerk in any government office would live a respectable life. I have the vision that though we would not be physical slave but our our economic polices are going to make our country a financial slave. As it is our country figure in first ten list of most corrupt nations of the world.

How should we overcome this crisis? It not the solution to one side to beneft a borrower by devaluating rupees while paying debt and increse rate of interest while accepting his deposits. In either case you on fall flat. How tacfully Indian invstors are being duped is a matter of grave concern. The Foreign Direct Investment in home market had raised the share market stake and when the earned the profit of rupees ten for one, the withdrew leaving home investors crying to follow death. There is a larger conspiracy in the current economic imbalace which is any time going to crumble. If we have to grow our economy, we have to grow our villages as commune and not mere sympathic people's villages.

- S Kalpna Sharma
Published: 2006-07-27
Author: S Kalpna Sharma

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance journalist and am writing on various burning issue which affect the world order and a Common and Oridnary Man on Street (COMOS) such as terrorism/insurgency economy, teenagers suicide and woman pious body and beauty. Stress management and Art of Happy Life (HOPL).
I am also managing a NGO non registered and help people in distress.
I am a simple housewife who assists her husband in managing his professional life.

S Kalpna Sharma

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