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When your Heart is Empty of Love

You complain about it to me all day

However, I listen to you with patience

You make me feeling guilty then

Are you concious of what you do to me by these behaviors??

Then, i feel fully responsable of what is happening to you

But... When your Heart is Full of Love

You are escaping far away from me then... SO FAST !! Why??

Can you explain all of it to me??

...your Immaturity in our Love Relationship is almost killing me!!
Published: 2006-11-17
Author: Danielle Dery

About the author or the publisher
- Biologist & Linguist
- Medical & Pharmaceutical, Writer & Translator
- Elementary school teacher, specially with children (4-6 years old) needing Speech therapy
- University tutor, Physiology & Nutrition

- Ph.D. Physiology & Nutrition, 1992
- Master in Education, 1990
- Bac. Biology & Pedagogy, 1979
- Bac in Languages, 1996

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