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Immunologic Dysfunction and CFS-FIBROMYALGIA

Fibromyalgia, FMS, CFS, Immune Disorder

Why is Fibromyalgia being diagnosed at a widespread rate around the US?

To answer this question, let’s start from the beginning. The human body needs to sleep and fully rest; which means the entire body needs to enter a deep sleep or its REM or rapid eye movement sleep. This is the time when dreaming occurs but it doubles as a time for the body to heal itself. If you awake in the morning in more pain and more tired than when you went to sleep the night before, then your body probably did not achieve its deep sleep.

Think of the body as a rubber band and when you pull both sides, the tension is strong, when you release both sides, the tension weakens and it becomes flimsy. Now, use the same scenario with your muscles, joints, and mind. The REM part of your sleep is the release of the rubber band, the time to allow the body to not hold any tension and just feel as if it were floating.

The problem occurs when the body doesn’t allow this throughout a night’s sleep and the opposite occurs where the tension, like the rubber band, is continuous for all eight hours of sleep. Many Fibromyalgia patients report that self-hypnosis can help train the body to achieve their REM nightly. Without allowing the body to rest, CFS patients will not break the cycle of the fatigue. Rheumatologists prescribe sleep aids like Ambien to their Fibromyalgia patients to help with their nightly healing.

Since Fibromyalgia and CFS have no significant blood test to detect the illness, what category are these syndromes under? Due to the environment, social factors, food preservatives, and stress, the human body has been pushed to its limit; this would be part of the explanation for the rise in diagnosing immune disorders.

Fibromyalgia and many other immune disorders affect a person’s nervous system. According to a study done on FMS patients, the pains and aches they feel are similar to individuals with Gout, but when x-rays were taken of the painful areas, there were no physical signs of degenerative joints. If the body is not functioning properly, the brain sends out a signal which a person interprets as pain. There is no one known cause of CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Many immune disorders can be triggered by an illness, physical trauma such as a car accident, emotional trauma, or hormone changes.
Published: 2006-05-05
Author: PearlyWrites, LLC

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