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Importance of alertness among the people

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Meaning of alertness is watchful or vigilant. We often give not much importance for being alert. It can cause several harm for us. The result of this less alertness causes the increase in crimes in our city.

Now days the news tells us about the robbery, murder, rape etc… If the people were alert to act against it, the chances for those occurrences are very less.

Many robberies are taking place only because, people are careless to keep their money and their belongings safely. They expose everything and become careless to protect them. Since bank’s rate of interest per annum is high, many people find themselves less depends on banks. It causes robbery, but, if one can take safety measures to protect them, then, there occurs no chance of robbery. Only because of robbery, murder and rape takes place. Robbery, alone can destroy a society. Police have vital roles to play in the society to control the burglary. They should act fastly, as soon as the complaint got registered. They should be more polite to public, so that everyone can trust and obey their orders. If police play their role accurately, the statistics of robbery, murder, rape activities will get reduced.

But, people’s alertness to act accordingly must be highlighted always, as they become the victims. Even a small child should be taught to be alertful. Being alert can help not only oneself, but also others.
Published: 2009-05-27
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

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