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Improve yourself

Improve yourself, right food, body, mind and exercise

Many paths lead to improvement. Improvement may be of one’s exterior or interior. Here I mean an all round improvement that would help you to stand out in the crowd. Why is it that some people have such a hold over us? Maybe their charm, grace, or attitude. It is important to have a smile on ones lips. No one would like to look at a sour or angry face. Each day of our life should be a fresh promise to improve oneself. Improvement should start from within and spread to without. The real improvement should aim at purging oneself.

The first step in this direction is abstinence. One needs to abstain not only from liquor or tobacco but also from diverse pleasures of the tongue and body. Ayurveda, the age-old secret to strong body and willpower advocates this. It is not only the food that we eat but also the manner in which it is cooked that matters. It is said that food cooked by a positive minded person fills us with optimism. Therefore, we see that improvement starts from the body and slowly works its way to the mind. An ideal person would eat only twice a day, do plenty of exercises and meditate for a few minutes. This process is said to improve the qualities of head and heart and make a person
Published: 2008-08-15
Author: sindhu nair

About the author or the publisher
MA English graduate, presently working as a teacher. Admirer of shakespeare and Kalidasa.Romantic at heart.Loves to share emotions with oneself.Very sensitive and deeply religious.

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